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Our Valentine’s Day Gift

Yes I say “Our” because not only did I get flowers but Hubby made the girls their own mini bouquets.  Across the street from my father in laws company there is a flower shop. But it’s one that has only fresh wildflowers so you go in and hand pick everything, then you take it home to create your bouquet. So look what Hubby did for the girls and I! (BTW- Sarah’s is the little one with more pink because she is obsessed with anything pink)

And I even received an adorable card from Sam!

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  1. How sweet! Your girls must have loved these! I know I would have been very happy to have received them when I was young. I love the face on the Valentine heart Sam drew. It gives it an extra level of “adorableness”!

  2. you have yourself a great man, not many daddys think to get flowers for their little ladies too!! and to make them himself he did a great job

  3. that is just the sweetest idea your husband had and a memory your girls will cherrish remembering when they are grown and think of their dad & needing him. And I love the drawing she made for you, you ought to use the iron on transfer paper and iron that onto a small pillow case to use in some way to always have from her or transfered to a hanky would be a pretty keepsake.
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