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Our Judy Moody Slumber Party was a BLAST!

I’ll be the first to admit I wanted in on the slumber party! I couldn’t wait to see the movie with the girls! We received lots of goodies for the girls and their friends including Judy Moody and the not Bummer Summer DVD.

The kids spent the after noon running around playing and having a blast! When it came to movie time it was junk food junk food and more junk food.. and mismatching socks like Judy Moody!

The girls giggled through the entire movie and each one of them snuggled up wearing their sleep masks to bed!

When I handed each girl their own mood ring they thought they were cool, but them to see Judy Moody get a mood ring from her Aunt Opal they all got opened eyed and looked at me saying “we have one too!”

The slumber party was special for the girls to be able to spend time with their friends and I hope they remember those special movie nights where they got to stay up late giggling the night away.

Author Megan McDonald’s third grade heroine of over a dozen books, Judy Moody,
has been brought to the screen to the delight of 2nd and 3rd graders somewhere
and everybody else nowhere. The story lifts scenes, popular plot points and
devices from the book series with Judy (Jordana Beatty) planning the best summer
vacation ever. To this end she creates the Judy Moody Mega-Rare NOT a Bummer
Summer Dare chart where she and her friends gain Thrill Points for doing wild
things like riding a rollercoaster (extra points if they do it hands free.)
Unfortunately, none of her best friends have told her they are going away to
Borneo or to Circus Camp for the summer until the day before they leave.
Distraught Judy decides to spend the summer sulking in her bedroom, but her wild
and free spirited Aunt Opal arrives and changes all that.

* The movie and goodies were provided to us thanks to Think Jam.


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