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Our Bank Account was stolen

We just opened a new bank account like 2 weeks ago. Well we wrote our FIRST check on Friday for our car payment we mailed it out on Sunday (I put it on the mail box thingy) and either someone took it or got a hold of it, because they got our account number. it was a guy and a girl, and on the fake checks it even has his drivers license number. they used two checks for the grocery store both were over 80 dollars. (which makes me feel sad that they had to steal money to buy groceries)

Patrick logged into our account this morning to do a quick account review and noticed there was checks written, neither one of us has never written a check except for our car payment. So he went to the bank to deal with it. they already closed the account and opened us a new one, and moved our money, but the money that was stolen we have to wait for the claim and fraud or whatever it’s called to be filed to get our money back. which I think is bull, they should have given the money back. obviously we didn’t write the checks. anyways., So Pat had to take money from our savings account to cover the car payment until we get the money back.

anyways, I am so angry. I can’t believe people do things like that. It’s pretty sad that you have to steal someone elses money to buy groceries.

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