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When it comes to shopping for babies I usually try to do something different, and unique. If I buy clothes I normally tend to try and find organic cottons for them. I have noticed with so many babies that they have skin irritations from their clothes, so finding soft, organic fabrics is important.

If you haven’t felt organic cotton you should. Once you touch it, you’ll fall in love and wish that onesie or romper fit you!

That is what I love about Organically Grown and their clothing.  As soon as I felt the outfit I knew the baby would be comfortable and I wouldn’t have to worry about the chemicals from dyes irritating the skin.


As the awareness of the effect that pesticides and toxins have on the environment and individual health grows, more and more families are realizing the importance of choosing organic products. Making this choice is not only good for our earth; it is good for all of us. With your help, organic textile production will increase, becoming more of a standard in the clothing industry.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to choose organic fabrics for you and your family. Organic cotton has all the high quality, soft and cuddly texture with none of the harsh chemicals to irritate your child’s delicate skin. Our products are not only breathable and cuddly; they are also recyclable, renewable, and biodegradable. With products by ORGANICALLY GROWN, there is no need to compromise between your budget and your conscience. As well as being ECO-FRIENDLY, our clothes are AFFORDABLE and STYLISH.

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