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One of Those Days…

Well, today at school went great. Samantha had a fabulous day at school. We were pretty proud of her. She came home with Grandma, and played and both girls were doing fine. They had received the new Barbie and the Diamond Castle DVD, and were watching the movie quietly in Sarah’s room.

I thought “great! I can do some packing, while they are watching the movie”. So I went upstairs to start packing up Hubby’s clothes. I’d say about 45 minutes later, Sarah walks up to me COVERED in peanut butter. I thought to myself “oh great!”. At the time I was talking to my sister on the phone (what’s new?) and I told her I was scared to see what had happen to make Sarah covered in peanut butter. So I walked downstairs, and saw the trail… from the bathroom… to the hallway… to Sarah’s room…. peanut butter EVERYWHERE.

Before I did anything I threw the girls in the tub, yes Sam had managed to get some on her as well. So I started by cleaning the bathroom, which was pretty easy. But Sarah’s room…. lets just say it looked like they were slinging the gooey mess at each other. It was on the walls, Sarah’s bed, on her armories, the window, and of course smeared all over the rug.

After I finally got her room cleaned ( I did take a few pics, and I’ll add them here later) I got the rug out in the living room. I had to steam clean it to try and get all the peanut butter out. So I went through one pail of soapy water. The whole time cleaning the carpet the girls were in the living room with me playing. I didn’t think anything of it, and continued to clean. As I was about to start filling up the second pail of water, Sam was jumping on the leather chair. I told her to get off the chair and not jump on the furniture or she could fall and hurt herself. She said “OK”.

So I turned around and walked to the sink, the second I turn on the hot water I hear a scream. Kristin can vouch for me as I was again on the phone talking, I told her “OMG! I have to go” and I hung up the phone.

Samantha had fallen off the chair straight tooth first onto the TV I had taken from her room a few days before. What I mean by “tooth” is she only has one big tooth in the top middle, the two around it are missing (haven’t grown in yet). And well her mouth start gushing blood and her lip was so swollen. I cleaned it up, and then lifted her upper lip slightly and let me tell you the inside of her top lip was a mangled mess. I held it together for Sam, and called MIL, and had her come over. She thought we should take her to the ER so we did. About an hour and a half later, the ER Dr. walked in, lifted er upper lip up, looked for 5 seconds and turns to me and says “she is fine”, it will be sore, but it is just some abrasions.

Man I felt like a big fat fool. But you know what, it’s better to be safe then sorry.

After we left the Hospital, MIL wanted to go to Hubby’s Sushi Bar for dinner. Of course the girls and I were down with that. So we had our self a very nice meal. I ordered penang curry, MIL and Sarah had teriyaki chicken bowls, while Sam had California Rolls. Sam was o her second roll and was scarfing it down. and she started choking. I panicked and looked at MIL and was like “shes choking!!” we both got up and started doing the heimlich on her, and she THREW UP! All over her shoes and the floor.

anyways, so that is how my evening went. I hope yours was much better.

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