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One Live to Live Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical {Tuesday Recap}

Well it’s over… the three day One Live to Live Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical event has come to an end and boy was it fantastic!!! I probably will re-watch it this weekend on Which BTW if you did miss it you can catch up this weekend!

The third episode starts with Starr outside the school and turns to see Cole getting out of the cop car.  Cole explains how Dorian was his Fairy Godmother then asks, “Did you save a dance for me?” Cole wants to forget their problems. Just for one night. Tears fill their eyes as Cole expresses wanting nothing more than Starr and Hope.

Inside the gym Markko watches the footage of Matthew and Destiny claiming Langston cheated on him with Ford. He goes off in his mind and starts wailing his arms and dancing out in anger. When he comes back to reality Markko begins searching for Destiny.

Outside of the gym Destiny becomes further irritated with Darren who sings “The Way You Make Me Feel.” Kids gather and join in on the song and dance. As everyone leaves the area Destiny and Darren find themselves close and dancing alone. Just as Destiny leans in to kiss Darren Markko interrupts.

Brody sees Jessica stuffing the ballot box. Jessica denies doing anything but Brody understands why she’d want to be queen. Darren and Whitney take the box to count the votes. Brody brings up their dance and insists that Jessica remembered something.

Whitney and Darren announce Jessica and Cris as prom king and queen! Jessica smiles to herself as Layla fumes. Layla snaps at Cris and accuses him of letting this happen by not dissuading Jessica. Layla starts singing “Battlefield” and imagines Starr and Langston joining her.

Cris catches up with Layla before she leaves the school. He professes his love, pulls out a ring and gets down on one knee. Jessica watches from afar in tears.

By the time Cole and Starr get to the gym it’s empty. They find the king and queen crowns and remember their first prom. Cole and Starr slow dance and close out the prom with a kiss.

WHEW!!! How is that for a run down? I can not wait to see how the storyline unfolds now, and to see what happens with each character after the musical!

If you missed any of the shows you can watch Friday’s night here, Monday’s here, and Tuesday’s show can be seen here.

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DISCLOSURE – I was given financial compensation from ABC Daytime to write this post.  My reviews and recommendations are always my own and represent my genuinely held opinions.

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