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One Live to Live Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical {Monday Recap}

OH MY GOSH!!!! The end!!!! ahhh! It was fantastic and wonderful and exactly what I was hoping for!!!

Monday’s episode was great, starting off with the cast singing “I Got a Feeling” and they are all getting their pictures taken while “walking the red carpet”  singing and dancing! It brought me back to my Prom and how much fun I had.

I felt so bad for Starr because every time you saw her she would be so sad with such a sad face.

I liked when Brody and Jessica sang “If I Could Turn Back Time”. I felt the pain and I hope Jessica remembers soon!  Jessica thinks about Cris and Brody thinks about Jessica. Layla joins in and thinks of Cris. Langston sings and thinks about how she’s hurt Markko. Starr is next, thinking about having hurt Cole. Watching Cris and Layla enjoy each other, Jessica grabs Brody and they dance. Jessica touches Brody’s uniform medals and remembers a time when they danced at Rodi’s! Brody wonders if Jessica remembered something but she denies it.

Dorian and Cole’s mom cook up a plan that will make Starr and Cole very happy!

Starr cries to Markko. She wonders how Cole could just let them go after everything they’ve been through. Markko pulls Starr up and sings “We Fall.” He urges Starr not to give up hope.

What was your favorite part of Monday’s show? It was the very end (of Monday’s episode) right???

If you missed the show on Monday you can watch it by clicking here.

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DISCLOSURE – I was given financial compensation from ABC Daytime to write this post.  My reviews and recommendations are always my own and represent my genuinely held opinions.

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