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October 15th Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day is to promote Support, Education and Awareness for grieving parents nationwide (and worldwide).

Too many families grieve in silence, sometimes never coming to terms with their loss. The goal is to help others relate to our loss, know what to say, do or not say, not do and to help families live with their loss, not “get over” their loss.

I have had two early pregnancy losses. July 2004 and September 2007.

Our little ones whisper, “Forget me not”, As their specialness wraps around our heart.
Their short little lives Hold meaning and love. Their spirits have touched us-each and everyone.
They have left their gifts For us to uncover, If we open our eyes, our hearts and our lives.
The road to discovery is hilly and dark. Will we long harbor the pain or set our wings for the light?
Our lives have been changed, our paths filled with sorrow.
Yet their memories embrace us and our love lasts forever.
If we open our hearts, their gifts shall unfold, as we forget them not.

About the Author

Amanda Acuña an influential Mom Blogger created MommyMandy as an online resource to the parenting community. She has four children and they currently reside in Texas.


  1. I will be lighting a candle at 7:00PM on Monday October 15th in memory of the baby I lost at 12 weeks pregnancy in early 2009 to hypothyroidism. I trusted my doctors as the experts and never doubted they would know everything there was to know about an underactive thyroid during pregnancy. This was the greatest regret of my life. The Thyroid Federation International estimates there are up to 300 million people, mainly women, worldwide suffering from thyroid dysfunction, yet over half are unaware of their condition. The scientific research clearly links hypothyroidism to miscarriage and still birth, yet the lack of awareness is pervasive. The day I miscarried my baby I vowed to research everything there was to know about this disease and warn other women. I fulfilled my vow on Monday October 1st when I launched my blog Hypothyroid Mom intentionally on the first day of Miscarriage Awareness Month in memory of the child I lost to hypothyroidism and in dedication to my 2 boys who beat the odds and made it to the world. I am sorry for your losses Amanda.

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