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Nutcracker 2011

Since September the kids (and parents) from Lake Arrowhead Classical Ballet Company & School of Dance have been very busy with the 2011 production of Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker”.

Gust performers include: Tatiana Berenova Sugar Plum Fairy, Ramon Thielen Cavalier, Eliezer Rabello The Nutcracker Prince, Trepak, Jeremiah Tatum Arabian, Raymond Genato Mouse King, Parent.

The show is absolutely beautiful and the entire cast has worked very hard to put on a beautiful show for the community of Lake Arrowhead California!

This was Sarah’s first year in The Nutcracker, and I will say I wish I would have the girls audition years ago. What an amazing experience it has been for every student.

Sarah has made new friends, bonded with old and even Samantha has realized how important dance can be in her life. I love that she has the older dancers to look up to and have pushed her to stick through dancing for the payoff in the end.

And a HUGE thanks to Sharon McCormick for her continued support and teaching of the students. The kids adore her and she truly has a heart of gold!

Below are some of Sarah’s little cast pictures.

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  1. How fun !! I live in a super small town so there arent things like this for kids to do. I plan next year to take my 3 grandkids to see see The Nutcracker in the city. It is such a fun and beautiful ballet to watch. Your daughter is so pretty! Great memories for the 2 of you!

  2. Love those pics. The girls look so pretty. I bet they had a great time. I have a feeling this won’t be the last play Sarah will be in 🙂

  3. I am over 50 and have yet to see a Nutcracker performance! I know there is one in our nearby city but have never been. I see the beautiful costumes and hear the tell tale music and really wish to go someday (bucket list) with my 4 girls. I only had one daughter show an interest in dance but wish I would have introduced them to more of the arts like this…my kids are all in more sports instead. I just cant get over the beautiful costumes and looked at all the pics. I am in awe!

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