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Here we are on the countdown now. 4 weeks until full term and then Shelby can come at any time! Four weeks seems so far away yet it really is right around the corner!

We have always put the baby in the room with us. While we have another extra bedroom to make another room our master bedroom is huge, so we basically split it in half and half is for Shelby and all her things.

I have been busy buying and making things for her, not to mention some of the fabulous review items we have received from various companies.

Here is a little sneak peak of Shelby’s Nursery. The colors are green and brown damask and if we were having a girl I’d throw in pink as well.

The only thing left to get is the crib which should be here sometime next month, which s not a big deal since she will be in the bassinet until she is at least 5 months old. (hopefully longer).

I still have to wash all her clothes, prep her diapers and organize that bottom shelf of the changing table. But we are pretty much set and ready to go!

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  1. OH my gosh, seeing it all out makes it seem more real. For us, I guess you obviously have been feeling her handsprings for months! I love the bassinet and the changing table. We didnt have room for my daughter to put one in her room she shared with her now 2 month old. It looks like it would be SO nice to organize ALL those things needed to keep a princess happy! We sure are having fun here with our lil one. Cant wait to meet Shelby!

  2. It looks like you are ready for the baby! I love the ultrasound picture, I will have to do that next time!

  3. Cute! The last few weeks go fast! And if baby is anything like our last, my water broke 22 days before my due date! So, the time could get cut short! Good luck!

  4. Thanks for sharing your nursery pics! I love seeing what other moms do to prepare for a new baby. Especially love the u/s pic!

  5. Such a pretty print on your boppy! My hubby won’t let me set up anything yet for our baby because we still have so much time. He’s a killjoy. 😛

  6. Such nice things, everything is lovely… I’ve started a small pile for my arrival but I still have lots of shopping to do!

  7. The framed U/S pic is a great idea! Maybe you mentioned it before, but are you cloth diapering? It kind of sounded like that when you said “prepping the diapers” and I’d just like to get another perspective on it.

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