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The little picture to the left of the stamp I saw on a fellow blogger’s site, and thought it was just too cute! Thanks Kara!

I thought I would write a little bit about my day has been going.
Thursday night my 4 year old went to stay with Grandma & Papa. So today I have spent the day cleaning and organizing, of course with my 4 year old gone, her sister wants ALL of my attention because her playmate is gone. Anyways, so I organized my bow making materials, and my scrap-booking stuff.
I have some bow orders that I need to do tonight, so that was the main reason for organizing my stuff. I moved everything out of my closet, (which if you saw my closest it basically is the size of a small room).
We also received a new computer yesterday, it is pretty nice except I found some Trojan viruses on it, grr. but it is faster than our little celeron. I still will be using my computer because it has my website on it, and all my pictures. I know Tanya, get an external hard drive, but that requires money LOL.
I still need to steam clean the living room, and organize the girls closet but that will just have to wait until tomorrow, or later today.

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