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Nintendo: Ever Oasis 3DS

This is Sarah, I have been apart of the Nintendo Kid Reviewers Program for a while and it has been fun testing out games and giving Nintendo my opinion. Sam, my sister likes to play the games too, she enjoys the program. We get a chance to try out games that we might not have tried before and not realize we actually really like.

So we were sent Nintendo: Ever Oasis Kid, and it was a game on both our lists we wanted to play on our Nintendo 3Ds.

The 3DS game, Ever Oasis.Ever Oasis takes place in a unique world that kids will love to explore, and it’s perfect for fans of role-playing games and even fans who’ve never played one before!

So basically it is like being in a desert, you have to survive the desrt, and there are lots of was to live.  AndtThe desert is rich with resources, especially in its deep caverns and dungeons.

You can collect materials by defeating Chaos monsters, moving sand with your Green Gale power, or even mining in caves. The items you collect can be used in all sorts of ways: restocking shops, creating new outfits, or even upgrading weapons.

Solving puzzles is fun, once you solve them they take you to new areas, you can try more than once to solve puzzles too. You can switch between characters.

Learn more about the game at

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