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Nintendo DSi XL

Nintendo is set to launch its newest handheld video game system on March 28 – Nintendo DSi XL. The DSi XL takes a ‘big’ step in gaming – featuring dual screens that are 93 percent bigger than its predecessor, DS Lite. Launching March 28, the new, extra-large Nintendo DSi XL hand-held system makes it easier for everyone to gather around and have a good time. It features 4.2-inch screens that are 93 percent larger than those on the Nintendo DS™ Lite system. The improved wider viewing angle of the Nintendo DSi XL screens also provides a new way for people to enjoy games with friends and family, making it easier than ever to watch and join in the fun.

Nintendo DSi XL will be available at a suggested retail price of $189.99, and that includes three titles that have been pre-installed on the system. These include the brain-training games Brain Age Express: Math and Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters, as well as Photo Clock, which lets users customize the pictures on the background of their clock. Nintendo DSi XL launches in both Burgundy and Bronze, with a glossy top and a matte-finish bottom for a better grip.

When I first received the new DSi XL I was taken back by the size of it! Although I love how portable the DSi is I am impressed with the screens of the DSi XL. One thing I have noticed with the new DSi XL is that my eyes don’t hurt as quickly nor do I have to squint to play a game. I am really excited for the launch of the new DSi XL!

Nintendo DSi XL is launching at the same time as two portable games that demonstrate the social nature of the new hardware. America’s Test Kitchen: Let’s Get Cooking uses the larger screens to help multiple chefs chip in to prepare delicious recipes. In WarioWare: D.I.Y., the larger screens help players see all the details as they create and share their own microgames.

Beyond the social experience, the larger Nintendo DSi XL screens draw players in and make games feel more engaging. Eye-popping graphics are beautifully rendered. Even people who have been playing Nintendo DS games for years will see them take on a new life with Nintendo DSi XL. As always, playing is believing. To truly understand the difference Nintendo DSi XL makes, you have to experience it for yourself.

Nintendo DSi XL includes all the same features as the Nintendo DSi system, including two cameras and photo-and sound-manipulation tools. With a broadband Internet connection, you can also upload photos directly to Facebook to share with friends or access downloadable Nintendo DSiWare™ games via the Nintendo DSi Shop.

To help celebrate the launch of Nintendo DSi XL, Nintendo is asking the public to choose things in their lives that they would like to see 93 percent bigger. The poll lists fun, humorous options, including sound speakers, swimming pools and furniture. The poll is a great way for people to get social as they show off their responses to their friends. People can check out the “What would you like 93% bigger?” application on Facebook® Platform at or visit the @NintendoAmerica profile on Twitter to answer the poll questions for themselves.

I received all three of the games listed above.

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  1. Oh wow, I really like the new color. I am so behind technology wise. Something I would like to see 93% bigger is Lobster. When ever I get treated to a lobster dinner it always seems as if the lobster is never big enough. LOL

  2. Wow, my 9-year-old niece would love to have this! Maybe we can all pitch in and get her one for Christmas or something. Thank you very much for the review…it was very informative and helpful.

  3. This looks cool…we just got a DSi for our granddaughter; I think she wil enjoy it even though it isn’t he XL

  4. I wish we could switch, but with two kids it would be pricey. I guess we’ll have to stick with the two they have until one breaks. Thanks for the review.

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