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New Years Eve 2007

My sister Kristin posted about something she would like to do next year, she made a small simple goal that she knows she can keep and I think that is great. I want to start off with one small simple goal and that would be to get outside everyday and exercise. I will be adding it to my SMART Habit Saturday’s. So far since Saturday I am 2/3 days. I didn’t go to they gym yesterday because I had a cold and felt very poopy. Today I did not get to the gym but I did go outside with the girls, we were out for 40 minutes, and the whole time we just ran around playing tag and chasing each other. I realized that running around the tennis court is great exercise, plus it is a huge area to run and play. Our tennis court is literally right outside our apartment, you walk out the door and down the steps and your at the gate to tennis court. It’s great. Thinking back to my SMART goals, Lara says that it takes 21 days to make something a habit. 3 weeks really is not that long. Actually in 3 weeks we will be having Samantha’s birthday party and that seems like it will be here in no time. I know that if I really set my mind to it I can do it, plus this is one huge step for my weight loss goals.
I was also thinking about doing the nutrisystem plan. It is very similar to jenny Craig’s (does not taste as good though) but that takes a lot of discipline. My mother in law started Jenny Craig back in August and has lost a lot of weight, She didn’t have a lot to loose to begin with but she has dropped 2 pant sizes.

Oh and does anyone know what I wan wear while exercising to tame this flabby stomach? I need something that is super tight on it so it wont jiggle. yeah it’s pretty gross. I didn’t have this after I had Sam. CRY!

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