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New Tool for Your Weekly Cleaning Routine – Turbo Microfiber Mops

Turbo Microfiber Mops are  eco-friendly microfiber mops is catching the eye of many smart and environmentally conscious consumers.  Create a welcomingly clean environment for yourself, your family, and your friends! Our Turbo Mop effortlessly picks up dirt, dust, and pet / human hair. The light weight aluminum is so easy to maneuver and the 360 pivoting head is smooth – allowing anyone to be agile around the home. Lastly, its strong! So, you can put more weight into it without concern of it breaking. Use it wet or dry – for sweeping, mopping or scrubbing. And, of course, the pads are all reusable.

 Why microfiber mops:
  • They clean dust, dirt, & pet hair much better than alternatives & also provide a better way to wet mop.

  • Long term cost savings because of machine washing

  • Eco-friendly alternative to throw away sheets (cough.. cough.. Swiffer)

  • Made of strong (yet light) aluminum that doesn’t break

*A product was provided.

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