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New Mosquito Solution for Outdoor Entertaining

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With Summer here a lot of people are thinking about getting outdoors to enjoy the deck, yard, lake or park. But with warm weather comes the bugs. Well there is no need to douse in DEET to enjoy your backyard. These products are discreet, odorless and silent, clearing a 15x15ft area in literally minutes.

There is nothing more annoying than trying to enjoy the outdoors with a swarm of mosquitoes buzzing around your head.  Whether at a cook-out, camping or simply enjoying your patio, biting pests can make us miserable. Sprays and lotions only work when insects get too close for comfort.  Thermacell products form a 15×15 ft zone of protection around you in just minutes. Thermacell lanterns, backyard torches and repellers are a must-have item for every outdoor activity where mosquitoes may be an issue.  They are decorative, silent and odorless.

Make a Lighting Statement with These Torches: Thermacell Backyard Torches will keep mosquitoes at bay and provide ambient lighting. Plus they can convert to table top lanterns.

Protect Your Guests at Outdoor Parties: Thermacell Patio Lanterns are discreet, providing odorless and silent protection to your guests from mosquito borne illnesses.

Don’t Go Camping Without Bug Protection: Thermacell Camp Lantern has 50 lumens, a battery indicator light, emergency flash and spotlight illumination all in one product.

Functional and Attractive New Products: Thermacell’s collection of lanterns and repellers are aesthetically pleasing but also keep mosquitoes, black flies and other biting pests a bay, clearing a 15x15foot area in just minutes.

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