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New Bath & Feeding Items From Sassy

Just like the newly redesigned toy line, Sassy bath and feeding products reflect the latest in infant development research.  I have been a huge fan of Sassy toys since Sam was a baby and I think all parents will agree with me that they are awesome products, babies love them and the are affordable. Sassy has introduced some fabulous bath and feeding items.

New Sassy Bath toys make a splash!  They have been designed with the help of child development experts to fit baby’s developing sensory perception, motor skills and creativity.  Just like the developmental toy line, Sassy bath toys are designed to fit every age and stage as baby grows and develops. Child development experts agree that certain elements are critical for an effective developmental toy. 

You’ll find them throughout the new Sassy bath toy line:

  • Character faces: They are symmetrical, bold and organized. Babies and young children respond best to organized images.
  • Variety: Babies have a tremendous capacity to learn; therefore, it is important to offer variety in the toys and the experiences they provide.
  • Realism: Toys that reflect the real world help baby make sense of the world around her. They open the way for conversations between baby and caregiver, which expose baby to new vocabulary.

Here are few of the new bath toys:

 Scrub-a-Dub Car Wash (9 Months & Up) Inspire ImaginationWorking at the car wash has never been such fun!  Baby can keep busy with 8 creative activities offered on this floating platform.  There are lessons in cause-and-effect, opportunities to learn new words, invitations to use the imagination and skills to hone hand-eye coordination.   Baby’s car wash customers include 3 brightly colored vehicles that scoop or strain water.  Moving vehicles through the soft rinse curtain provides baby with a lesson in object permanence.  Squeeze the yellow, terrycloth “road sign” to squirt the cars moving under the car wash and scoop water into the car rinser in the center to watch it wash over the vehicles.  Speed bumps and a hill make driving through the car wash an adventure.  Scrub-A-Dub Car Wash has a suggested retail price of $10.99.


Pour & Explore Cups (6 months & Up) Inspire Exploration:  This set of three cups offers a different moving part in each.  The movements — a twirling pinwheel, spinning top and floating beads ­­­— are triggered when water is poured in.  Each cup has a brightly colored rim and holes in the bottom to strain water.  Stack the cups in any order to form a tower of spinning, twirling, floating fun.  Pour & Explore Cups fit into Sassy Pour and Explore Water Whirl.  Suggested retail price for the 3-cup set is $6.99.


Soft Touch Rinse Cup (All Ages):  This soft plastic cup is made of a unique material that forms a watertight edge along baby’s forehead, keeping soap and water out of sensitive eyes.  A wide, soft handle is easy for adult hands to grip, even with soapy, slippery bath water.  The cup comes in a variety of bright, bold colors.  Suggested retail price is $4.99.


Eating is not an instinctive action.  Just watch baby push the food out of his mouth as fast as a parent spoons it in.   In fact, according to developmental experts, eating is the most complex physical task in which humans engage!  All of the body’s organ systems are involved:  the brain, the heart, vascular, respiratory, endocrine and metabolic systems, the entire GI tract and all the muscles in the body.   

All new Sassy feeding products are made from BPA free, baby-safe plastic for durability with fresh style and safety.   From the stage of Discovery to Independence, ergonomic designs and new features make every stage of feeding a joy for parents and their children.  Bright colors and modern shapes give these feeding products up-to-the-minute designer looks.   And high contrast colors and patterns match baby’s visual development.   Here are some of the new items:

Less Mess Toddler Spoons (9 Months & Up) Inspire Independence: Here’s a new twist on toddler feeding!  The handle is shaped to allow chunky toddler hands to grasp it and it is angled to help little ones get the food into their mouths.  The bowl is sized to keep portions bite sized and tiny holes help hold food on the spoon longer.  Everything in this design is working to help baby succeed at self feeding, which builds confidence as motor skills develop.  The spoons come in assorted boy and girl colors and have a suggested retail price of $3.99 for two.

 Perfect Sized Snack Pods (9 Months & Up) Inspire Independence:   Everyone needs 3-square meals a day, plus a couple of square snacks too!  Swivel lids make it easy and convenient to dispense snacks from these two square bowls without spilling.  The lids open wide enough for baby to reach in and begin experimenting with thumb and finger pincer grasp. There are two different sizes to fit the type and amount of snack you want to pack.  Fair and square, it’s easy to store this set.  The containers and lids stack inside one another!  Suggested retail price for two snack pods and two lids is $3.99. 

Dippin’ Diner Plate Set (9 Months & Up) Inspire Independence:  Set baby’s table on the road or at home with these stylish, square plates.  Vary the menu and the plates – two are divided in half to keep foods separated, while two are standard plates.  Non-skid borders on the plates and corners help little ones capture food and get it neatly on the spoon or fork.  Since toddlers love dipping, all four have a little section for dip or sauce.  The set comes with two snap-on lids, making these plates perfect for travel and storage.  A no-skid base helps keep the plates from slipping and tipping while your toddler is dining and dipping!  Set of 4 plates and two lids has a suggested retail price of $6.99.


Stim Gym Playmat with Mirror:  Sassy Stim Gym inspires the senses with three distinct sounds, chime bell and rattle. Baby is secure with the plump upper rim that cuddles babies head and doubles as a tummy time bolster. High contrast colors and simple patterns for newborns enhance visual skills for young babies. Multiple textures keep baby’s attention which encourage reaching and grasping. Also includes an accessory true reflection mirror that will help baby to see their world. Gym is perfect babies from birth to twelve months. Adorable playmat with fun bright colors.

A product was received for this review. All opinions are my own.

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