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National Baby Safety Month: Keep Baby Safe with Evenflo

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With National Baby Safety Month in September, it’s the perfect time for parents to focus on safe and beneficial feeding sessions with their little bundle of joy.  Whether a parent is breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or toddler feeding, Evenflo Feeding offers solution-based essentials designed to create the best and safest way to feed baby.
Mothers that are in the market for a breast pump should invest in a closed-system – one that is high in quality and affordable, like the Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump. The pump’s PerfectlyPureTM  feature offers an expertly designed closed-system that prevents milk backup and keeps milk pure and protected from bacteria, mold and viruses.
Another safe option for your baby is the Classic Tinted Glass + Vented Bottles, which are also BPA-Free and have a Proflow™ Integrated Venting Nipple that directs air bubbles back into the bottle – not into baby’s tummy!  As baby transitions from bottle to cup, the TripleFlo Tilty Trainer Cup is a BPA-free option that features an internal angled wall that eliminates the need for an extreme head tilt while drinking – allowing children to achieve success at first sip.  
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