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My Pre-Cleanse Days on the Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse

On Friday I started my Pre-cleanse days. When you start the Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse it’s important to do two pre-cleanse days to help your body get ready for the cleansing.  Today (Sunday Feb. 28th) is technically Day 1 of the Cleanse.

Friday – Pre-Cleanse Day 1:
I have to admit I was scared. I think I was most scared of giving up and thinking I couldn’t do it. But Rachelle was there with encouraging words and tons of motivation, including phone calls to just talk and give me words of advice.

I started off with my IsaLean Shake for breakfast and Natural Accelerator. I added too many ice cubes (I think I put 6) and my 1cup water with two scoops of IsaLean Shake. My first sip I almost spit out. I couldn’t believe the taste of it, but I did what Rachelle said and slowly drank it with chewing the shake (I know, how can you chew a shake?) but really taking your time drinking/eating it helps. Rachelle explained that when you chew your food longer your saliva contains some enzymes that begin the breakdown of starches and fats which is great for your digestive track.

Your also constantly drinking water, so of course your running to the bathroom every 10-15 minutes. I’m talking 90+ ozs of water a day! But the water was easy. I’d rather drink water anyways.

Lunch couldn’t have come at a better time. I felt so famished by lunch time, so my mother in law and I went to subway where I filled up on the veggies in my turkey sandwich on wheat bread. I also took my own water bottle with me.  MIL kept forgetting though and was asking me if I wanted chips and soda. I said no…. it was hard to turn down the chips but I did! YAY!

I did have two almonds from lunch until dinner and a celery stick to help with the hunger, oh and water… lots of water!

Dinner included another IsaLean Shake and Natural Accelerator (I forgot it at lunch time). This time I used about 4 ice cubes and it was pretty tasty. (Or else I felt that hungry that anything would have tasted good.)

I stayed up late with Hubby and we played scrabble, I started getting a pretty bad headache so I drank water and went to bed.

Saturday -Pre-Cleanse Day 2:
I woke up on Saturday with the headache still and Rachelle called and asked me how the previous day had went.  Rachelle told me that drinking water and going to bed was probably the best thing for the headache. She also said that the headache could have been from me not having caffeine. (I’m a morning coffee drinker)

I actually couldn’t wait for my shake. I remembered that after drinking the shake I felt satisfied. I wouldn’t say full, but I definitely wasn’t hungry anymore. So I had my IsaLean Shake and Natural Accelerator with probably 12 ozs of water.

For lunch I had tomato soup and a few saltine crackers along with a Natural Accelerator and water… lots of water… The soup tasted like I was eating steak and potatoes!

Rachelle called me later in the afternoon to ask how I was doing and to see if my headache had gone away. It had (I took two Tylenol). I also got in my 20 minutes of walking with a few minutes of running on the treadmill.

I had my IsaLean Shake  for dinner along with a small salad and a celery stick. It kept me full all evening. I continued to drink my water until we went to bed. By Sunday night’s shake I really liked the way it tasted.

I also had to get my items ready for Monday’s cleanse day.

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