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My poor Samantha


I feel so bad for my little Samantha. For her birthday her papa bought her a webkinz. A little raccoon. She feel completely in love with and named it Caramel- Sho-sho. She sleeps with it and take it everywhere with her. Today I baby sat Summer. Well today Sam took it to the store with us and some how during the trip Summer ended up with it. I kept asking her if she wanted me to take it and she said no, she even dropped it once and I told her to be careful not to loose it. Well we came home and they played, and about 45 minutes ago Sam wanted it to go to bed. So I went into the girls room and couldn’t find it. I literally took the whole room apart and looked EVERYWHERE!! I even went outside to the trash and looked in the trash for it. I walked the whole way back to the store, couldn’t find it. I called the store, they didn’t have it. I called Summer and she says she can’t remember. Samantha is in tears crying. I told her to pray to God to bring Caramel-Sho-sho home and to keep her safe.

Wanna know what I just did? I feel so bad for my baby that I jumped on ebay and bought the first raccoon I could find, and begged the seller to ship it ASAP!

She is behind me laying in my bed crying because she wants her raccoon. It’s going to take a few days for it to get here and she is going to be a mess. I even used the money I was going to use to buy a candle from Jac 🙁 but I don’t want to see my Sam sad and her heart hurting. I have never seen her get so attached to a stuffed animal before. Just sucks it was a webkinz cause those suckers are expensive

anyways, I just wanted to share my story that has happened this evening at our house.

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