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My Ear update

So after waiting almost an hour to see the Dr. He took about 10 minutes to work on my ear. He had this Styrofoam cup full of sizzling stuff. It’s kind of like dry ice but I guess not. He rubbed it around my ear and I could hear it sizzling and hear it being rubbed against my ear. It was making a squeaky sound. I don’t know why but t made me feel nauseous. After a few minutes it started to burn. Like when you put your hands in snow and leave them there.

He did tell me that since the keloid(?) is so big it would take a few more times of freezing it off.

oh and for the record please DO NOT google search keloid images!!!

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  1. Awww….sorry you had to go through this. I have heard of these keloid formations. I know it has something to do with healing and scarring. Well, now you will be rid of it and it will just be a memory. Hurray!!!

    As for google…I am one of those SO intrigued with medical shows, reports, and such so like a dork, I will probably take a peek. I know…I am a strange cookie! Must come from watching too many medical shows…even when i was a tiny kids i loved Marcus Welby M.D.

  2. Hi there i am glad to see you found a treatment and im sure i have the exact same as what yours first looked like and the now when i go to doctor ill have a little knowledge

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