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My Black Friday Shopping – online style!

I knew I was not going to be hitting the stores today to finish up my shopping, but I knew that a lot of stores offered the same or almost the same Black Friday deals.

I wanted to finish up at Sears and I had been waiting to see if their Pajamas went on sale.. which they did!

I needed another pair of pajamas so I was excited to find they had Joe Boxer Flannel pajama pants on sale for $7.99 down from $20.00, so I bought two pairs. Samantha wanted a Monster High Doll so I found one of the few that was still left in stock for $13.99. After shipping my total was $39. Not too shabby.

Next I went to JCP and had saw the a few days ago they would have sales on their Arizona Boots for Girls, so of course I wanted to get the girls some. They were originally $40.o0 but for Black Friday were on sale for $14.99. Each girl got a pair, Sam got Hazelnut and Sarah Chocolate. I found a super cute outfit for Sophia. It was originally $22.00 and on sale for $7.99! I also found a cute top that I was able to pair with some leggings. My total was 52 dollars.

I also wanted to get Samantha some clothes so I saw that 77 Kids had some cute stuff on sale AND one awesome coupon code for free shipping AND 40% off your order! woo hoo! I got Samantha three different shirts and my total was $24.00!

Lastly I found a great deal on some koozies for my Brother!

Because I used gift cards and coupon codes I ended up spending less than $15.00 on everything! Now that is some good Black Friday Shopping!

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    1. Yeah I can’t do Cyber Monday since I will be gone ALL DAY, school, work, dance, then Nutcracker Dress Rehearsal. I’ll be gone from 8am to probably 11pm or so.

  1. Nice job shopping and lots of deals. I love the boots and now wish I’d have grabbed a pair, but at last I am late doing my shopping and pretty much haven’t started yet.

  2. I commend you on going shopping during the busiest time of the season. I just stay home and wait until the last minute. I also shop consignment for gifts as long as they’re new in the box. Merry Merry

  3. That really is good Black Friday shopping (or any color anyday shopping!) I didn’t go out at all as money is just non existent for me this year. Congrats on your good deals!

  4. sigh. I need a lesson in shopping. I just can NEVER find the right sizes and colors when I DO finally get out there. I read that the best clothing deals for the season are right now. But seriously, everything is all picked over. I ditched Black Friday sales the past few years and my husband actually braved the crowds with our 12 year old this year. He came home with only TWO things on our list. I do lots of online shopping so maybe the JCP and Sears shopping I should be doing on line? They have the CUTEST things! Great job, Mama shopper. I am hugely impressed!

  5. I was 5,000 miles away in Chile that weekend so I didn’t get any deals, but I got some nice handicrafts from there for presents.

  6. I go shopping every year with my mom, but it’s really more of a fun tradition at this point than anything. Online shopping does seem so much easier, especially since the stores run out of stock so fast!

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