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MOTHER’S DAY SPA RETREAT at the Ivar Castle on May 9, 2009

Last Saturday I had the wonderful opportunity to atend a VIP party! It was the MOTHER’S DAY SPA RETREAT at the Ivar Castle. I met up with my friend Caryn, and we had a blast!

In honor of Mother’s Day, Coca Cola, Role Mommy, Co., and HemAway presented a celebrity and VIP spa retreat and style lounge in celebration of moms and kids, where they received the latest in gifting and tips for healthy living. This event benefited Kid’s Play International which provides sports-focused volunteer service trips, promoting interactive and educational sports programs for kids in orphanages and schools throughout Africa while also helping to connect them to the youth of the U.S. through a pen-pal program. Moms enjoyed the spa and wellness suite hosted by Wellness On Wheels where they were treated to the latest therapies and treatments.

There were massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, a nutritionist, cooking instruction, life coaches, yoga teachers, and aromatherapy to sooth away stress. And if that was not enough, guests stepped into the HemAway® Stress Relief Lounge and threw darts at their personal irritations signifying “who is a pain in your butt?” For outer beauty,Jonathan Antin, celebrity hair guru and TV personality, showed guests how to create and maintain the best hair looks; American Laser Centers provided multiple body and facial treatment for anti aging and age reversal results; Fitness Expert Steve Jordan exhibited how to get fit fast and still have time for family; Lovely Lashes created the look-of-the-moment with divine lash extensions; Green Bliss Eco Spa provided eco friendly manicures.

Kid’s Play International hosted the Kid’s Lounge full of fun and music where all little guests were invited to join the Pen Pal program and make a friend a world away. My Princess Academy hosted an elegant tea party where children received etiquette lessons. Habitat Heroes taught the kids about the environment and how they can help save the planet. Gifts included Stearns & Foster beds from the just-launched Plush Line; Bliss & Love jewelry, Latisse® by Allergan eye lash growth solution; Lucy Clothing; Zookini Kids organic clothing, and much, much more.

Celebrities In Attendance Included: Greg Behrendt, Ali Landry, Maureen McCormick, Sean Patrick Thomas, Courtney Nash, Jared Kusnitz, Nicki Micheaux, Paula Jai Parker, Neicy Nash, Jennia Fredrique, Sol Aponte, Sidra Smith, Carolyn Hennesey, and Jason Levy

Former Miss USA Ali Landry stopped by the HemAway Mother’s Day Spa Retreat on May 9 and treated herself by getting her hair fixed by stylist Jonathan Antin and picked up a yellow breakaway jacket and capri pants by Lucy workout wear.

Maureen McCormick brought her daughter, Natalie, to the HemAway Mother’s Day Spa Retreat at the Ivar Castle on May 9th. The former “Marsha Brady” and her daughter were treated with goodies from Wellness on Wheels, American Laser Center , Bliss & Love jewelry and even got Mommy and Me pedicures at the Green Bliss Eco Spa.

Transformers cutie Courtney Nash brought her mom to the HemAway Mother’s Day Spa Retreat at the Ivar Castle on May 9. While her mother got pampered at the Green Bliss Eco Spa, Courtney was able to enjoy herself at the Princess Academy by learning about Habitat Heroes, playing dress-up and munching on treats from Wellness on Wheels.

Niecy Nash from Reno-911 cooled herself off with some Diet Coke the HemAway Mother’s Day Spa Retreat on May 9th and picked up jewelry by Bliss & Love.

Sean Patrick Thomas brought his wife, Aonika, and their baby daughter Lola Jolie to the HemAway Mother’s Day Spa Retreat on May 9th to celebrate Aonika’s first Mother’s Day. Aonika was pampered at the Green Bliss Eco Spa and picked up goodies from Honest Tea, Illy and Bliss & Love.

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  1. I totally need to do my post!!!! I love your recap! We had such a blast and I’m so glad we went! : )


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