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Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is approaching and a special day to say thanks to all the moms out there. I think about the past nine years and how special every one of those Mother’s Day was for me. Becoming a mom has changed everything about me. These kids are gifts and bring so much joy and laughter into my life.

This year I have a lot of friends who are celebrating their first Mother’s Day and what a special day it will be for them. It’s my first Mother’s Day with my little Shelby.

I think my new mom friends deserve awesome gifts for Mother’s day. You will never forget your first Mother’s Day and how special it was.

I will never forget the day that each of my girls were born, and how each one of those special days made me a mommy again.

Every year since I always receive a drawing or a little note from my girls.

Dads if your reading this, if you have kids who are able to read and write, have your kids write mom a letter or poem about their favorite memory of mommy! Trust me, she will treasure it forever!

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  1. I have always treasured the gifts my kids have made me over the years, they are so special and priceless.

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