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Mother’s Day: Dyson {World Asthma Day is May 4th!}

Dyson… it is one simple word that everyone woman has said… of course it is proceeded with a “I want a “. Yes men if you give your wife a Dyson for Mother’s Day she WILL love you and heck you may get lucky that night.  No you wont be implying she needs to clean, I bet she would be glad to clean if she had a Dyson!

The Dyson DC25 Animal is by far the most beautiful piece of machinery (in your home that is).  I do think I have to wipe my lip every time I look at it, it’s might pretty! Of course there is so much more to this amazing vacuum then it’s pretty looks.

See, I have to admit I was not a big fan of Dyson, sure I wanted one and thought they were cool but when I finally got one  I wasn’t impressed one bit. The suction stunk, it left tons of dirt, hair and junk on the floor and I always had to vacuum over again with a different vacuum. After talking with a Dyson expert (well I think she is) I came to the conclusion I had to have gotten a faulty Dyson? anyways, my judgement on Dyson has changed, not that I have had the chance to try out a non-faulty DC25 Animal.

WHOA!! I swear that is what I said when I turned this bad boy on. Instantly I could see a difference in the vacuum (which I had a DC25 all floors). I decided to put my Dyson to the test. I used my most favorite vacuum in my living room first and vacuumed all over and went over the heavy traffic spots a lot. I thought for sure the Dyson wont pick anything up.

yeah….   I…..was…..wrong…..

This is what the Dyson picked up after I vacuumed with a different vacuum.

disgusting right?

Like all Dyson vacuums, DC25 has patented Cyclone technology that spins dust and dirt out of the air. The result: Dyson Ball vacuums don’t lose suction.

DC25 Animal features a washable lifetime HEPA filter designed to trap microscopic allergens such as pollen and bacteria, as well as a one-touch hygienic and quick-to-empty bin. Dyson vacuums also expel cleaner air, with up to 150 times less bacteria and mold than the air we breathe. All Dyson uprights are certified asthma & allergy friendly according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Designed for homes with pets, DC25 Animal is ideal for animal lovers frustrated with stubborn pet hair. The mini turbine head cleans pet hair and dirt from tight spaces. DC25 Animal features a quick-draw wand with instant 16ft reach for stair and high-reach cleaning. As with all Dyson vacuums, DC25 Animal has washable filters and no bags to buy, so there are no extra costs. All Dyson uprights come with a five year warranty.

DC25 Animal is available at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $549.99.

I also decided to put the Dyson DC25 Animal to test on my couch where our puppy loves to lay. Our dog is about 19 weeks old and her name is Molly. We have had her for two months now and jsut the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. She also is half German Shepherd and half Boxer so she has hair.. lots of it. We put the vacuum to the test and I was impressed! Not only did it vacuum my couch with ease but it left it clean and smelling good!

Guess what?! May 4th is World Asthma Day! Did you know that Dyson is committed to helping remove the allergen burden in your home? Seriously, after vacuuming I noticed that my house smells cleaner and less stuff. I can tell that the Dyson DC25 Animal does help with removing allergens and especially those that are from our dog Molly.

World Asthma Day is an annual event organized by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) to improve asthma awareness and care around the world.

Each year, GINA chooses a theme to highlight for World Asthma Day, and this year’s theme is “You Can Control Your Asthma.”  There are many things people can do to help control the affects of asthma, and Dyson vacuums can play an important role in asthma and allergy prevention in the home.

A standard has been developed for vacuum cleaners and Dyson upright vacuums are the first to become asthma & allergy friendly certified. Regular vacuuming with effective, certified cleaners should be an important part of every household allergen control plan.

Specifically, Dyson upright vacuums are proven to offer and no loss of suction according to the IEC
60312 C1 2.9 test standard. The machines exceeded the asthma & allergy friendly certification
testing because:

  • They reduce total allergen burden by removing allergen-containing dust from carpets;
  • They have seals and filters that are highly effective at trapping allergens;
  • They do not release excessive allergen during bin emptying.

To find out more about World Asthma Day, I encourage you to visit  The Environmental Protection Agency also has helpful information about World Asthma Day and Asthma Awareness Month,

 *I received a Dyson DC25 Animal thanks to Dyson for this review.

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