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Mother’s Cookies

Moms all over the Western U.S. will remember Mother’s Cookies, the classic cookies with flavors ranging from original Circus Animal to Iced Oatmeal to Vanilla Crèmes and more.

Growing up I loved Mother’s Cookies Circus Animals. Whenever my Aunt would bring them home I would get so excited and beg for the pink ones.  It was always such a treat to have these delicious cookies and now moms across the country can finally try them and pass on the yummy goodness to their kids!

For almost a century, Mother’s Cookies have had a fanatical following, and now cookie-lovers in other states will be able to share in the love. The legacy of Mother’s Cookies endures, and after a brief hiatus, Mother’s Cookies have returned to grocery stores near you.

The newest state to introduce Mother’s Cookies is Kansas! To think they ahve gone all these years without them is a shame! I can’t wait for them to try out the cookies and share with their family!

Also, for those of you who don’t have the cookies in your store you can get them online at Amazon.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Mother’s Cookies and received two bags of cookies and a $20 Amazon gift certificate to facilitate my review.”

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  1. OMG I remember those cookies and boy I use to eat almost the whole bag. Publix sells almost the same type of cookies .

  2. I LOVE these cookies. i used to eat them when i was little..and every once in awhile i still do! hehe

  3. My dh LOVES these cookies. He can eat a whole bag in one seating. How a man as thin as he is consume that much is beyond me.

  4. Mmmm I LOVE those cookies!! I still eat iced animal crackers every chance I get. I feel like a little kid, but they’re too good to pass up.

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