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Mother-ease Cloth Diapers *Giveaway closed*

I first learned about Cloth Diapering about a month before Sarah was potty trained. At that point I felt that there was no use in trying to Cloth Diaper her since she would not need them anymore, and we were unsure if we would ever have any more kids.

When we found out we were expecting again, right away I started to research cloth diapering. I knew that cloth diapering had come a long ways since the days of cloth diapering 30 years ago.  I started hearing terms like OS and AIO, liners, snapis, covers, CD and it all was so overwhelming at first.

That is until Mother-ease Cloth Diapers took the time to help me understand all the different aspects of cloth diapering.  With the help of other online forums and fellow CD (cloth diaper) moms.

As a new CD mom I thought that using AIO (all in ones) would be the easiest, for me, my husband and anyone else changing the baby. I decided I wanted to get a verity of CD to start with since we do not know which style or brand would work best for our baby.

But as soon as I saw the All In One Cloth Diapers by Mother-ease I was in love with it. Of course I don’t know if I will like the snaps but at lease I know they will not snag on other clothes in the wash.

The Mother-ease All In One Cloth Diapers are sized diapers. They come in size S, Lg and XL. Size Small fits baby 10-20 lbs, Large fits babies 20-35 lbs, and xtra-large fits babies  35 – 45 lbs. You don’t usually see diapers that fit babies over 35 lbs so I like that Mother-ease has this option for toddlers who aren’t quite potty trained yet.

As you can see these diapers will not work in the newborn stage, even though some babies are born 9+ pounds I don’t think  they will fit right away.

Mother-ease All In One cloth diapers are highly breathable with the same side venting and adjustable snap enclosures as the Air Flow Snap Cover. Elastic all around gives the baby a comfortable, “no restriction” stretchy fit. The inner fabric is made of knit cotton terry. The outer waterproof fabric is the same as they use in their covers, 100% polyester bonded to a durable urethane.

For night time you can add a Sandy’s Absorbent Liners. These Liners add extra absorbency, and can be used in any cloth diaper system. They come in two sizes Small which is 5″ x 12″ and absorbs 6 oz and Large which is 5.5” x 14” and absorbs 7 oz. You can use as many liners as needed, of course this will cause bulk but for night time you’d rather not have leaks.

Another option you can use when it comes to Cloth Diapering is Cloth Wipes.  The Mother-ease cloth wipes are a great alternative to disposable wipes. Most people who cloth diaper use a wipe warmer with their cloth wipes, You cna keep them moist ready to go or use a spray to get them wet when your ready to use one. Cloth wipes can also double as wash cloths. The cloth wipes are made of two layers of knit terry and come in a variety of colors. The wipes are 9X9.

As you can see Mother-ease offers a huge variety of cloth diapers and accessories. You can visit to see everything they have to offer. WIN
ONE winner will receive a One Size System from Mother-ease.

Includes:  a One Size Diaper with White or Unbleached fabric, a Snap in Absorbent Liner in White or Unbleached fabric and a Rikki Wrap Cover

Giveaway closed

A product was received for review, but I also purchased some items that are featured in this review/giveaway.

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