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More DIY Crafts!

I’m sure you guys have noticed how much I have gotten into DIY, crafts and sewing again. There were quite a few things I wanted to try out and make and of course seeing your baby wearing soemthing or using something you made is fun!

My friend Chana from Adventures in Fluff posted a super easy tutorial to make your own baby legs using knee high socks. I used it today and within 5 minutes had two pairs done.

Chana also has a great tutorial for baby longies. Longies are used as part of a cloth diaper cover. Or of course you cna use them as regular pants.  Chana made miss Shelby 4 pairs! Aren’t they cute?

And I made 3 more burp cloths. I used pink chenille and michael miller flannel.

and, I made 5 sets of nursing pads too. WHEW! I am one tired mama!

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  1. The burp cloths are my absolute favorite. I wish I had the time and patience. My sis in law is really good at sewing. she has made me a few, and I love them!

  2. Cute print for your baby legs. Both my kiddos wore baby legs with their cloth diapers. My 4 year old still wears them sometimes on legs and arms – she thinks it’s stylin’ I love how you show how easy they really are to make!

  3. I love those burp cloths and how they are curved! Makes so much sense so they fit over your shoulder correctly. Very cute patterns!

  4. Love this tip on how to make your own baby legs using knee high socks… I need some of these for when the little man gets a diaper rash and I want him to have a bare bum to let the air help heal it, but it’s too chilly to be completely nekkid.

  5. Love all the diy projects after the kids go to bed I’m usually diy-inG something and I’m always looking for new ideas thanks for these 🙂

  6. Oh my word, those burp cloths are the cutest thing! Too bad I don’t need that stuff any more, but I DO have a friend who is preggers…maybe I will make her some burp cloths. So adorable!

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