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MicroDry Bath Mat

Step out of the tub onto the luxurious comfort of this unique bath mat. The MicroDry top fabric is super soft and absorbs water twice as fast as other materials, making it extremely gentle and ultra absorbent. Filled with memory foam, it cushions your feet and feels great while you dry off and get ready for the day. The non-slip base ensures that the bath mat grips firmly to the floor for safety. MicroDry is sinfully soft and delightfully convenient.

We received the light blue MicroDry bath Mat and we all LOVE it. The only down side with it being such a light color is it gets dirty fast! Good thing is you cna wash and dry it in the washer and dryer. woot!!! Every time I step out of the shower I can’t wait to step on the mat and step into relaxation (even if it is for only a few moments).

MicroDry bath mats are affordable too! Available at Bed, Bath & Beyond, the mats come in four colors and two sizes. The smaller mat is $19.99 and the larger mat is $29.99.

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  1. I NEED one of these! My boyfriend doesn’t understand drying himself before stepping out of the tub. I love walking in puddles!

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