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Michael’s Birth Story

These days are just flying so quickly and I want time to slow down. These first few weeks with a newborn are so special… and exhausting.

February really flew by. As soon as I hit 37 weeks I was excited and anxious to meet this baby boy but I was also sad to see the end of my pregnancy. I actually really enjoyed the last 9 weeks of pregnancy and loved to feel the little person moving inside. I had him all to myself and laughed when I could see him shifting his body from one side of my stomach to the next. I knew I would miss being pregnant. This is our last baby so I really did try to savor every moment.

39 weeks

I had my 39 week appointment with my midwife on Thursday Feb. 19th (39W2D). I had been having contractions all week long, some where I thought they would turn into labor but didn’t so she did try to check to see if I had any dilation but my cervix was too high to even reach. I figured I better prepare myself to go past my due date and possibly be pregnant into March like I did with Shelby.

The next day on Friday I sat and had a really great conversation with my friends Kari. It was nice to talk to her about my fears of going post date, child birth and overall my feelings. Patrick and I decided we would go to bed around 11 pm. Both of us were really tired from the long day and it really was the best decision because we were able to get a few hours of sleep. (We usually had been going to bed around 1 am)

on Saturday Feb. 21st I woke up at 2:20am with really bad heartburn so I got up out of bed to get a tums and to use the restroom. I then sat back down on the end of my bed. For some reason that night I decided to add an extra blanket on my side of the bed for extra protection. Sitting on my bed I felt wetness in my underwear and freaked thinking I was spotting again so I stood up and walked back to the bathroom and  felt a little more come out. I checked my underwear once I got to the bathroom. . It was clear liquid so what else do you do? Smell it. Sure enough that very distinct amniotic fluid smell.  Standing in the bathroom i had a little more gush onto the bathroom floor. I whispered to my husband  who jumped out of bed, and told him my water broke.

That was around 2:25 am. Hubby jumped out of bed and was in “Lets get the F out of here” mode. I was like nah, lets wait for the contractions to start. He called my midwife, tried calling our photographer, called his mom to come stay with the girls and I sat there texting my Doula sitting in my underwear.  He is ready in about 30 seconds and is like “uhh Amanda, you need to get ready! We need to get out of here!” So I throw on a bra and some sweatpants and I notice very light contractions that are exactly 2 minutes apart.  My mother in law shows up and we leave the house. It is around 2:55am at this point.

We head down the mountain. By the time we get to Running Springs to head down 330 I was over sitting in the car. Good thing my van’s seats have arm rests as I tried sitting and just clutching onto them!

We arrived at the Birth Center around 3:25 am. My midwife checked me right when I got into the birthing room and was already 6cm. Hubby and I went to the restroom and I had a few contractions in the restroom but I just wasn’t very comfortable so we went and I sat on the birthing ball for a little bit. It felt like eternity but probably only 5 or so minutes.

I was asked if I wanted the birth pool, and all I could think about is I wont have any time to actually be in it…( dumb move on my part. Maybe if I had gotten n the water it would have helped with the intensity)

My Doula arrived and at that point everything became so fuzzy. I felt like all I wanted to do was hide into my husband’s chest and drown out everything and everyone around me. My labor was progressing so incredibly fast I seriously had a really hard time relaxing and breathing through contractions. My midwife was trying to distract me with saying “tap your right foot” or “relax your left shoulder” and I was getting frustrated because in a contraction I couldn’t focus on which was right or left.

My Doula Kaleen did use a few Essential Oils to help with calming me and I just loved the smell. (I can’t remember which oils she used now though)


I ended up getting on the bed on all fours and it did help me.. I guess. I really just felt out of control and wanted to scream. I did let out a good wail at some point. From my midwife’s notes at 4:05 am I was 9cm but had a cervical lip. I remember her checking me and trying to push the cervical lip back hurt more than the contraction and lunging forward.  I do remember just rocking back and forth  or burying my face into my Husband’s lap. I did have the urge to push and it did feel better to just let my body do what it wanted.

My midwife had me change positions and try sitting on the portable loo to see if changing positions helped and it did because I felt the baby’s head come down. I remember feeling nothing but fear at that point.  I was helped back onto the bed. I really had said I didn’t want to be on my back for pushing but at the time I guess it was the best way? I needed directed pushing because I push hard and fast.  I remember my midwife yelling at me to focus and I guess that is what it took to bring me out of this space in my head where I was tuning everyone out.

I really am thankful for the urge to push because it helped and felt so much better to push than the contractions. Mikey had a big head and once his head was out it felt so much better. Watching his birth video is really cool because you can see him rotate his head and then he was  out.

He was placed right onto me and all I would think was “omg thank you! that is over!”


This was 17 minutes later. I seriously was just like “let me just lay here for a sec.”


We laid together like this for a while. It was great we did delayed cord clamping and it was nice to just be left alone with the baby. I can’t remember if anyone asked me if I wanted to sit up. I had the shakes really bad so the blankets felt nice on me. Mikey just laid on me sleeping.

Daddy with Mikey.


My awesome Doula Kaleen and I

my doula

newborn assessment

baby Mikey

IMAG0244 placenta

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