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Meet American Girl BeForever Maryellen Larkin *Giveaway closed*

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Meet American Girl BeForever Maryellen Larkin (3)

American Girl is excited to announce the newest character to the BeForever line, Maryellen Larkin – from the fabulous fifties! Depicting an era that gave rise to tremendous growth and change in America, Maryellen’s products and stories have an intergenerational appeal that is sure to be a hit with girls, moms, and grandmas!

Maryellen is an energetic and optimistic girl who follows her heart instead of the crowd.  Written by award-winning American Girl author Valerie Tripp, the Maryellen stories introduce readers ages 8 and up to a key cultural theme of the 1950s: conformity versus individuality. While Maryellen feels the pressure to conform to social standards, she also strives to stand out and be true to herself, even when that means going against expectations. Through Maryellen, Tripp shows how trends of the 1950s—such as the burgeoning of suburbia, “the baby boom,” geographic and economic mobility, new technology (like TV and rockets), rock ‘n’ roll, and lingering postwar prejudice—shape the life of one girl.
Meet American Girl BeForever Maryellen Larkin (6)
Meet American Girl BeForever Maryellen Larkin (7)

Meet American Girl BeForever Maryellen Larkin (9)

Meet American Girl BeForever Maryellen Larkin (8)

Maryellen collection includes an 18-inch doll with strawberry-blonde hair and hazel eyes, plus several historically-authentic 1950s doll outfits, like an iconic poodle skirt and saddle shoes. Numerous accessories round out the play experience, including a 30-piece diner set, a TV console that works with a girl’s iPad, and a jukebox that plays ’50s-style songs and connects to electronic music players.

Meet American Girl BeForever Maryellen Larkin (4)

From August 27-30, Maryellen events will be taking place with ’50s-themed crafts and a diner backdrop—perfect for taking retro photos. Girls are encouraged to come to the store wearing 1950s-style threads to really take on the theme and will receive a free gift (while supplies last)

Girls visiting the store during Maryellen’s debut, August 27-30, will receive a free gift and have the opportunity to participate in several activities including:

  • Free ‘50s-Themed Craft Activity: Fun fashion craft from Maryellen’s era
  • Maryellen Photo Opportunity: Capture a memory of your visit by getting a photo taken at the store with a 1950s diner backdrop.


189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Thursday, August 27, 2015: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Friday, August 28, 2015: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Saturday, August 29, 2015: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Sunday, August 30, 2015: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

To celebrate Maryellen’s debut, American Girl retail stores will be bustling with Maryellen excitement with free and paid events, including giveaways, crafts, and in-store activities. And at, girls can explore the era with Maryellen’s Nifty ’50s Scrapbook. The online digital scrapbook—told from Maryellen’s point of view—will include photos, illustrations, video clips, games, and activities. For parents and teachers, a free downloadable Maryellen Learning Guide, available at, explores themes and issues from the 1950s.


ONE winner will receive an American Girl BeForever Maryellen Larkin


Meet American Girl BeForever Maryellen Larkin *Giveaway ends Sept. 17th*

Note: This giveaway is open to US shipping addresses only.

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This giveaway will end on Sept, 17th

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  1. my daughter Makenzi, would love an American girl doll. I think Maryellen would be a perfect doll to introduce her to American Girls and am most excited to hear her story. Growing up my favorite was Samantha.

  2. My Capri has wanted an American Girl for awhile now. I haven’t been able to make sense of that spending at her age. I think she’s ready! I love that Maryellen is from the 50’s – my favorite era!

  3. I would give this to my friends little girl who has been longing for a real AG doll. She comes from a family of 11, so funds are limited.

  4. My almost 6 year old would love a Maryellen doll! She would be an awesome history lesson of the 50s.

  5. My daughter wants an American Girl doll so bad. When I heard about the Maryellen doll, I thought it would be perfect for her

  6. As a parent who’s a history student/historic writer/researcher, the historical context is amazing.

  7. My daughter (5) and older son (3) have a Bitty Baby. They LOVE them!! I just know she’d love to have a “big” American Girl Doll also! This is a cute one!

  8. I would love to start my daughter, who turns three on the day the contest ends, on an American Girl a Doll collection. This is a beautiful doll to start with!

  9. I would gift it to my niece Lily. She doesn’t have any American Girl dolls & I think she’d be over the moon to get Maryellen!

  10. We love american girl dolls! I can’t wait to hear her story and read about her adventures

  11. My oldest daughter isn’t a fan yet, but I’d love to introduce her to American Girls. I know she would just adore them! I think Maryellen is adorable!

  12. My daughter would love this doll! (Me too shhh!) Ive wanted to get her an American Girl doll for the longest time. I would love to read her story!

  13. My daughter loves American girl. Maryellen would be a fun way to teach my daughter about the 50’s.

  14. She just likes dolls, I don’t think she knows why!
    Of course I like the historical aspect, especially since it’s the 50’s.

  15. I’m excited about her being from the 1950s. That’s a fascinating time period. My daughter would love her.

  16. My daughter is an American Doll fan. We would like to learn more about her interests in the 1950’s.

  17. My niece would love an American Girl doll, she’s been wanting one for quite some time now. I love the 50’s era and the iconic fashion.

  18. My daughter is a fan. I like that MaryEllen has hair color almost the same as my daughter.

  19. My niece is a huge fan of these dolls. I am excited to learn if Maryellen wants to be friends with her other dolls 🙂

  20. My great-niece would love this American Girl Doll and I would like to give it to her for the holidays.

  21. Thanks for telling me about this giveaway Mandy! Maggie would just die if she won 🙂

  22. My Xaviera would love this doll. We spend hours at american girl store at mall of america. I was born in the 50’s would love for her to learn about the era

  23. My youngest daughter is a fan. She would love to find out about what her and her friends do for fun.

  24. My little.cousin would love this doll- she’s the perfect age! Can’t wait to hear her story!

  25. My daughter is a huge fan!
    I love that she has several historically-authentic 1950s doll outfits.

  26. My daughter Sadie is a huge fan. She would love this as would I. I am excited to hear about her story. Thank you

  27. My daughter loves American Girl dolls! She doesn’t have any historical ones. I think that Maryellen is very cute and I love her poodle skirt!

  28. Our grand daughter is a mega fan of American Girl.
    I like that Maryellen introduces kids 8 and up to a key cultural theme of the 1950’s.
    Maybe because I was born in the 50’s?
    thank you

  29. My niece would love an American girl. She’d be excited to hear about Maryellen’s hobbies and what she likes.

  30. My youngest daughter Avery would love this American Girl doll! I would love to learn more about the pop culture of the fifties, including fashion!

  31. My niece would love this doll. It would be exciting for her to learn about the 50’s

  32. My 9 year old daughter Cailin saw Maryellen in store yesterday while shopping and dragged me in to check her and her accessories out. Her diner is so cute! I would have loved to buy it all for her! I think her decade would be a lot of fun for her to learn about.

  33. Both of my daughters are American Girl fanatics! I am excited to learn more about Maryelle’s story since I love the 50’s (poodle skirt and dress?! That gets squeals from me…)

  34. The fifties were such a fun time for teens and I would love to learn more about the fashion and their hobbies!

  35. My Niece Is A Big American Girl Fan, I’m Excited To Learn About Maryellen’s Hobby’s And Family.

  36. My daughter is an American Girl fan. I love reading them with her I grew up reading about Molly and Samantha!

  37. I can’t wait to learn all about her. she has the same color hair and my daughter and my daughter is 8! she would love her!

  38. My niece is a huge American Girl fan! I’m excited that she is from the 50’s!

  39. My daughter is a fan of American Girl. She is asking for one for her birthday this yr and this would be awesome. Thanks for wonderful chance

  40. Im a huge fan of american girl./ i grew up reading the books and experiencing what american girl brings. i had addy. i want to share my experiences with american girl to my daughter. i want to learn about maryellen background

  41. My daughter loves American Girl. She has Bitty Baby and the Bitty Twins, but this would be her first actual American Girl doll. She would be so excited! I love Maryellen’s hair color. They haven’t had a red head (that I can think of) since they retired Felicity.

  42. My littlest niece would love this doll. Its cool because my mother was born in the 50’s, so this would be her maw maw’s era.

  43. This would be great for my daughter! And I would love to learn with my daughter all about Maryellen and what she does for fun!

  44. I really want to get Maryellen for my daughter Eva. We are excited to read about all the adventures she is sure to have.

  45. I think the American Girl Dolls historical context is very interesting and positive… It would go to a dear family friend for her little girls… I do wish they were more affordable for many who would love to have them for their children…

  46. This would be for my daughter! Maryellen actually has hazel eyes, and so does my daughter, so it’s a perfect match!

  47. Oh our little Kayla would love her! She really loves the poodle skirts and purses! This would be so great to teach her about the 1950’s and what the girls lives where like back then.

  48. My daughter would like this – I like that she’s a throwback to the 50’s with her style

  49. My niece loves American Girl dolls. I am excited about her story taking place in the 50’s…a very exciting time!
    Thank you!

  50. My six year old granddaughter loves dolls but doesn’t have an American Girl yet. It would be a perfect Christmas present for her.

  51. My nice loves American Girl dolls, and Maryellen is just adorable, and would be perfect to teach my niece all about the 50’s.

  52. My niece and I both love her. She is so sweet looking and would be fun to play with. I’m excited to read the book with her and find out more about her life!

  53. my niece is 6 and obsessed. and i wish they had a true 1950s american girl when i was little. best era ever.

  54. This little lady would be for a little girl named Ella who is very much like this character’s personality. I would like for us to learn more about what it was like to grow up in that era. Thank you for the giveaway!

  55. My youngest daughter loves all things American Girl. She is always interested in what the dolls lives were like during the time period.

  56. I would give this to my granddaughter. She would just love MaryEllen because last year she dressed up in a 50s costume for Halloween.

  57. My youngest daughter would love this doll. She likes the timeline Maryellen is set in. We love the 50’s lingo.

  58. My oldest daughter is a big fan! We are excited to learn more about Maryellen’ s time period!

  59. My daughter would love Maryellen! She is very interested in how things were when her grandma was a kid!

  60. My granddaughter is a big fan. I’m excited to check out her digital scrapbook. I love the 50s!

  61. This past June, I took my 10 year old Granddaughter and my 11 year old Niece to American Girl Bistro in Alpharetta,Ga. We stayed at the Atlanta Marriott and got their Everything Pink Deluxe package. It was a lot of fun.

  62. My granddaughter is an American Doll fan! I love the 50’s theme with diner set, jukebox and outfits!

  63. My oldest daughter has been a fan of American Girl for years, but has never had one. :O I’m excited to learn about how life was for Maryellen growing up in the 50’s since that is when my parents grew up. 😉

  64. My daughter, Kathryn, is an American Girl fan and she is looking forward to learning about Mary Ellen’s interests and clothes.

  65. I love Maryellen, Her whole collection really captures the 1950’s spirit! She is the One and Only.

  66. I have 3 granddaughters who are American Girl Fans. I am hoping to get each one of them one for Christmas this year.

  67. My daughter Emily is the American Girl fan in our household. She would like to learn about the new technology that Maryellen was exposed to during the 50’s.

  68. I am a huge fan but also I am wanting to start my granddaughter off with this beautiful doll!

  69. My granddaughter has been wanting an American Girl doll for quite a while, I would love to win this for her, as a child born during the Babyboom I would love for her to learn about my life growing up.

  70. My daughter loves American Girl! I’m interested in learning about her life in the 50s and what kind of activities she did for fun.

  71. I actually just received my catalogue in the mail and my stepdaughter took it and circled everything handed it back to me told me it was all her Christmas list. She LOVES american girl.

  72. My daughter is so in love with American Girls. She had an AG themed birthday party this year and also decorated her room in AG theme. She’s obsessed! She would absolutely be overjoyed to have the Maryellen doll.

  73. My daughter is a fan of American girl. I am excited to see the 50’s fashions that Maryellen would wear.

  74. I just love that Marryellen is from the 50’s! I have a neighbor who’s daughter would be getting this if I win! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  75. My daughter Allie loves American Girl dolls! We are most excited to hear her story and learn the songs from back then. My daughter loves music and singing, too!

  76. Maryellen whole collection really captures the 1950’s era of fashion, style, and grace. These are just a couple of reasons I would love to own Maryellen Larkin American Girl of 1954!!!

  77. My sister REALLY wants to win Maryellen, and when I say she REALLY wants to win I mean she has entered like 20 different contests for her.

  78. I am hoping to introduce Maryellen to my daughter I think she is now the perfect age to take care of and respect the doll.

  79. My little granddaughter would love her. I love that she’s from the 1950’s. Such a fun decade to learn about.

  80. My little girl is a huge American girl dolls fan, so she would be thrilled. And I’d be thrilled to show her all about the clothing styles from that era.

  81. I love Maryellen! you would not believe how happy I was to find out that we have a new American Girl!

  82. My daughter is a fan of American Girl dolls! I would love to know about Mary Ellen’s back story and what era she is from!

  83. my 6 year old just became obsessed with getting one of these dolls after I got a catalog in the mail, she loves that she can dress her up like her

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