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Medicine Cabinet Makeover with Target *Giveaway closed*

*This post is brought to you by Target.
Update your medicine cabinet with Target (8)

I have to admit it’s been a good six months or longer since I last looked into our medicine cabinet and really organized it.  I had no idea how many products I owned that had expired or were no longer useful for our family and I was beyond ready to get a handle of the mess, and cold & flu season gave me the perfect reason to makeover my medicine cabinet with some great products from Target!

Once I started, I had no idea how many products I owned that had expired or were no longer useful for our family. Do you know that the CDC actually recommends that families dispose of any unused, unneeded or expired medications, vitamins and supplements? It was definitely time for me to tackle this project! We keep most of our medicine in the bathroom in an effort to have everything in one place and out of the reach of my kids. I decided to start by taking everything out of the medicine cabinet and the bin where we store excess items. We switched over to a see-through container from our old bin, and I like it so much better!

The blue/black polka dot case holds all my Essential Oils, and the clear container makes finding what I need quick and easy.


I also keep our First Aid kit in a hall cabinet that needed to be updated as well!

I went through the entire first aid kit and found a lot of items that had also expired. I was able to add in some new items that I got at Target like disinfecting spray and band-aids. love how much more organized the hall closet and my first aid kit is now!

Update your medicine cabinet with Target (2)

Update your medicine cabinet with Target (1)

Target has a great selection of so many brands, no matter what you’re looking for or what your budget is. From their cost-effective up & up brand to most name brands, you’ll find everything you need to completely makeover your medicine cabinet! I also discovered a few brands that are more natural, like The Honest Company and Zarbees!

Update your medicine cabinet with Target (3)

Now that my medicine cabinet and first aid kit are up-to-date, I feel so much more prepared to handle any illness that comes our way this season.images[2]

What are your go-to products for cold & flu season?

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Medicine Cabinet Makeover with Target *Giveaway ends Feb. 15th*

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171 Responses to “Medicine Cabinet Makeover with Target *Giveaway closed*”

  1. LaTanya says:

    Dayquil, OJ, and cough drops

  2. Carly D. says:

    I love Airborne products! They work great. I also have a hand sanitizer in every room and in my purse and car. overly cautious!

  3. Deb Jackson says:

    Motrin and dayquil

  4. Jackie says:

    I like Ludens cough drops and my neti pot!

  5. heather s says:

    Nyquil always helps

  6. Jessica Beard says:

    I always stock up on kleenex, cough medicine, cough drops, and Vicks.

  7. Ann Fantom says:

    Nasal spray (cold) and ginger ale (flu)

  8. Lindsay M says:

    Orange juice and Robotussin.

  9. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    My go to is Vitamin C and Nyquil!

  10. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I really like Airborne and Zicam!

  11. Christie says:

    Theraflu and Nyquil are my go to products.

  12. Cheryl says:

    My go-to products for cold & flu season are aspirin, chicken noodle soup, a flu shot, and hot tea.

  13. Jodi Kershuk says:

    We use a lot of Hyland’s products during the winter season.

  14. Adrienne gordon says:

    mucinex cold and flu products

  15. Lisa Brown says:

    cough medicine, cough drops, nasal spray, kleenex.

  16. Amy Pratt says:

    I’m a Nyquil user.

  17. Tricia G says:

    It’s good to have a good tube of Purell hand sanitizer on hand and also lots of vitamins!

  18. Mami2jcn says:

    We use Cold-Eeze.

  19. Sandy Klocinski says:

    I have never had the flu and haven’t had a cold for a very long time. On those rare occasions when I do get a cold it is a head cold and usually doesn’t affect my chest. I use saline nasal sprays to irrigate my nose. Salt-water rinsing helps break nasal congestion while also removing virus particles and bacteria from my nose.

  20. Julie Wood says:

    Products that I need to have on hand is Vick’s NyQuil day and night time medicine. Cough drops and Mentholatum rub.

  21. Cynthia C says:

    Luckily I rarely get colds but when I do I ask the pharmacist for a recommendation for a decongestant. I also rely on frequent hand washing to prevent illnesses.

  22. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    I usually go for Tylenol cold products.

  23. Sharon says:

    My go=to products are ibuprofen, nyquil, and lots of mentholated cough drops.

  24. Elena says:

    I use Nyquil, Halls and vitamins

  25. Margaret Smith says:

    Usually cough drops, tissues, chest rubs, tea and apple juice.

  26. Seyma Shabbir says:

    I usually use Tylenol Cold, tea, honey and ginger.

  27. Kelly D says:

    My go to products are Tylenol, Clorox wipes and Vitamin C.

  28. maleficent m says:

    nyquil! and theraflu tea stuff

  29. Ellie Wright says:

    I rely on Nyquil at night and Sudafed for day when I have a cold.

  30. Susan Christy says:

    Kleenex, Lysol Wipes, NyQuil

  31. trisha kilpatrick says:

    We use Dayquil or Nyquil mostly unless a simple honey lemon tea or a honey, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and lemon blend will help.

  32. James Robert says:

    I have been using pediacare flu and also cold/sore throat meds

  33. Linda Lansford says:

    go-to products for cold & flu season are aspirin and cough drops

  34. Tarah says:

    OJ, chicken noodle soup, lots of rest!

  35. sandra says:

    I usually turn to nyquil

  36. Suzanne K says:

    I try to NOT need products for cold and flu season. I try to get enough rest and eat well and have, so far, not needed anything else.

  37. Peggy Johnson says:

    Clariton-D helps keeps sinuses open and prevent sinus infections and headaches. Tylenol and Excedrin are always here too.

  38. jules m. says:

    i make a tea of ginger, honey, and lemon.. sometimes add some liquor 🙂

  39. Jayne Garrett (momznite) says:

    Soap, tissues, and tea are key!

  40. Debbi Wellenstein says:

    My favorite products for cold and flu season are Mucinex and Simply Saline.

  41. chickie brewer says:

    I will usualy take a generic muscus reliefe and an over the counter pain reliver.

  42. Debra Guillen says:

    Must have DayQuil, NyQuil and ibuprofen in the medicine cabinet.

  43. Mendy Dinsmore says:

    DayQuil and a vaporizer. I hate being sick. The cold bug seems to hang on for weeks this year.

  44. Jennifer Marie says:

    We love Mucinex for colds.

  45. Betty Dennis says:

    Alkaseltzer Cold plus is my go to fix for miseries of cold/flu. My husband favors Nyquil and both of us have Menthol cough drops in our pockets,

  46. Janet W. says:

    My go to products are Halls cough drops and Dayquil!

  47. Allison Downes says:

    Lots of Tylenol, cough drops, and allergy meds.

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  48. mickeyfan says:

    I prefer Dayquil. Hubby wants Nyquil. Love the Kleenex with Aloe. And of course some homemade chicken soup.

  49. Jennifer Reed says:

    My go to products for Cold and Flu season are Mucinex and Airborne.

  50. Tari Lawson says:

    My go to cold and flu season item is Zicam or Cold Eeze zinc lozenges.

  51. Mandala says:

    I get Emergen-C and fruits. Thanks!

  52. Richard Hicks says:

    Robitussin is my go to product

  53. shelly peterson says:

    I take vitamins and use Vick’s rub and cough drops if we get sick.

  54. Laura S says:

    We always have a bottle of elderberry syrup. We take it as a preventative when we’re in a germy place (on a cruise ship, visiting in a hospital, etc) or whenever we’re feeling especially tired or run down. We also take it at the first hint of a cold and it either knocks it out or really shortens the cold.

  55. Jackie says:

    My go to products are saline mist, a netti-pot and cold medicine. Cleaning out the medicine cabinet has been on my to-do list for a while. This might be a good weekend to do it.
    Thank you!

  56. Meghan Malicoat says:

    My go to products are Nyquil, tissues and lots of Lysol spray.

  57. nicole dz says:

    My go-to products for cold &; flu season is Theraflu, halls cough drops, hot tea, and home remedies.

  58. Kim Kihega says:

    We keep Delsym, Mucinex, and Tylenol medicines handy!

  59. Christina Foley says:

    Airborne has worked well for me this year… and I always have ricola cough drops on hand.

  60. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I go right to nyquil and dayquil!

  61. Linda Kish says:

    Honey and lemon

  62. Thomas Murphy says:

    I use Dayquil.

  63. Maryann says:

    Halls, vicks, tylenol, motrin, dayquil.

  64. Laura J says:

    I take Airborne to try to help not get colds, but when get the bad ones we usually try to pick something up to help. Not really any specific brand.

  65. Heidi Embrey says:

    My go to products for flu season are honey oranges and soup. Lots of water! If the worst happens Ill take Nyquil. Thanks 🙂

  66. Geoff K says:

    Cold-Eez, Thera-flu, and Dayquil are my go-to products for cold and flu season.

  67. Barbara Montag says:

    I use Thieves essential oil and Vicks!
    thank you

  68. Allisha Gold says:

    I always take Nyquil right before bed

  69. Pat B says:

    I always have Dayquil and Nyquil in my medicine cabinet

  70. kelly tupick says:

    My to go products are NightQuil, Dayquil and lots of tea with honey.

  71. Kim says:

    emergen-C and water!!

  72. Crystal F says:

    My one must is PediaCare multisymptom. It’s the one thing I know that works for my girls. Thank you!!

  73. Tabathia B says:

    Green tea, kleenex, humidifier and nyquil

  74. Brittney House says:

    I usually use Dayquil/Nyquil combinations.

  75. Katie Heath says:

    Cough drops, nasal spray and Tylenol.

  76. David Holder says:

    I usually reach for Mucinex but only as a last resort if homeopathic remedies don’t kick it out first.

  77. amy pugmire says:

    halls cough drops, emergen c, nasal spray and ib profin

  78. MelissaO says:

    Nyquil, Cheezits, and Downton Abbey.

  79. April says:

    Nasal spray, cough drops, and Dayquil.

  80. Trisha Burgess says:

    Mine is mucinex vapor rub and Lysol!

  81. tina m says:

    i use cough drops.

  82. Brad says:

    I take Vitamin C and decongestants.

  83. Kathleen Whitney says:

    Kleenex, Cough syrup, Cough drops, Tylenol

  84. Danielle says:

    Vitamin C and sani-wipes

  85. Nancy Sloan says:

    This is so neat and is something I need to do.

  86. Cheryl Larimer says:

    Zicam; Mucinex and homemade chicken soup (I always have some in the freezer)

  87. Kristen says:

    Zinc lozenges and Vitamin C.

  88. carol clark says:

    nyquil for me

  89. Cindy B says:

    Dayquil and Nyquil are my go-to products. I always have them on hand.

  90. Stephanie says:

    Dayquil and Nyquil

  91. Sarah Hirsch says:

    i don’t really have a go to product for cold and flu season. i don’t usually get sick and when i do i don’t medicate. I do use kleenex.

  92. Cynthia R says:

    My go to products are dayquil gel caps and nyquil gel caps and a lot of hot green tea.

  93. nickie says:

    Motrin, Dayquil, Saline Drops, chicken soup, ginger ale

  94. patricia c says:

    My go to items during flu season are herbal tea, honey, lemon, chicken noddle soup, thieves essential oil, and antibacterial soap.

  95. Joann F says:

    Nyquil, dayquil and tissues.
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  96. Susan Chester says:

    I like tea and honey and Tylenol when I feel sick.

  97. mirm says:


  98. steve weber says:

    dayquil, nyquil, chicken soup, ginger ale and lots of zinc.

  99. Aaron says:

    Bourbon and my pillow =)

  100. Stefanie Gladden says:

    I use Airborne & Dayquil!

  101. HLynn says:

    Antibacterial hand gel

  102. Ellen B says:

    my go to products are advil, tissues, chicken soup and pine bros cough drops

  103. shirley says:

    I stock up on Dayquil, Mucinex, Vapor Rub Cough Drops, Tylenol. and Lysol.

  104. Terri S. says:

    Tea with honey & lemon, homemade chicken soup, orange juice, saline nasal spray, acetaminophen, and Kleenex.

  105. Michelle C says:

    NuQuil, tissues, saline spray and chap stick.

  106. Devon F says:

    Airborne, Vicks & zarbeeshave been in our lives alot lately!

  107. Tina W says:

    Since I just got over a terrible cold, the one thing I wish I had in the house was Kleenex with Lotion. My poor nose was so red!

  108. Ashley C says:

    My go to products are dayquil and nyquil. They seem to help us the most.

  109. Ancilla J says:

    ACV, honey and lemon juice daily, and lots of soup.

  110. nannypanpan says:

    for myself ibuprofen and mucinex, for the kids nose drops

  111. mita says:

    Dayqui and cough drops

  112. Tara says:

    I like Nyquil to get a good sleep!

  113. Linda F. says:

    Vitamin C, tissues, cough drops, Tylenol and nasal spray.

  114. Nataly Carbonell says:

    Lots of tissues, mucinex, tylenol and disinfecting products. I also wash blankets very often.

  115. Kim Keithline says:

    My go to products for cold and flu season is hot tea, chicken soup, nyquil and airborne

  116. Starla B says:

    Medicine cabinets are such an essential thing to be stocked up for. A few of my include Airborne, Hand Sanitizer and lots of lemon water. I also obviously always keep tissues on hand, and OTC meds that are reliable!

  117. ellen casper says:

    Dayquil and Nyquil are our favorites

  118. brandy c says:

    Tylenol Cold and Flu and Pedilyte.

  119. Kim says:

    My go-to products for cold and flu season are Zycam, Dayquil and Tylenol.

  120. Angela Saver says:

    My go-to products are Nyquil, Vitamin C & Luden’s Cough Drops!

  121. Janine H says:

    When I’m congested I have to have afrin!

  122. rita leonard says:

    I make sure I have Nyquil and lots of tissues and Advil.

  123. We always get flu shots and haven’t had influenza in years. For colds, we like Tylenol Cold in various strengths.

  124. Lisa V. says:

    My go to are Cough drops, Nyquil, aspirin/Tyleno, and tissues,

  125. amy rouse says:

    Ester C and cough drops

  126. Carol Godfrey says:

    My go-to products are humidifiers and Dayquil/Nyquil.

  127. Jessica Lodge says:

    I try to do as much natural products as I can. I make fresh ginger lemon honey tea. I load up on Zinc and Vitamin C. And if all else fails I use Nyquil or Alka Seltzer Cold & Flu.

  128. Robin says:

    My go to product is contact, I have used it for years.

  129. Kathy says:

    Vitamin C drops and airborne

  130. Holly B says:

    Nyquil/Dayquil, Luden’s throat drops, chloraseptic, vick’s vaporub!

  131. Kayte CookWatts says:

    Dayquil, Vitamin c and green tea are my go to products. I usually just try to sleep as much as possible.

  132. Jill Meadows says:

    I always use Zicam and Airborne when i feel something coming on!

  133. Heather Johnson says:

    Dayquil, Nyquil, a humidifier and sometimes delsom

  134. Claire says:

    Stash tea, especially peppermint! I tend to get respiratory infections and it really helps with the sore throat and laryngitis.

  135. Dawn Keenan says:

    My go to product for a cold is zycam. A flu shot is my go to product for flu prevention.

  136. Elizabeth J. says:

    I love airborne or their generic version and vitamin c!

  137. Jimmy says:

    I usually use Nyquil and cough drops.

  138. laurie murley says:

    I use nightquil and Dayquil and I use orange juice too

  139. Sonya says:

    Mucinex D, Delsym and Gatorade!

  140. joe gersch says:

    my favorite is theaflu

  141. I use musinex more than anything else when we start to cough and get congestion. I feel it lessens the length and severity of the cold since it gets all that crap out.

  142. Kim H says:

    Besides flu meds I keep honey lemon tea in stock!!

  143. Lisa Garner says:

    My go to has always been Sudafed. It’s the only product that seems to relieve my congestion.

  144. EMMA L HORTON says:


  145. We use thera-flu, orange juice and green tea

  146. S. Carter says:

    I rely on Mucinex, Zycam, water and rest to get through cold & flu season.

  147. Breanne says:

    I use Dayquil and cough drops.

  148. Carol R. says:

    Must haves freeze dried Slippery Elm caps, wild cherry bark caps, ginger & ginger caps, honey, milk thistle caps, echinachea caps, onions, chili pepper, horehound cough drops, Fisherman’s Friend cough drops & other goodies, but if I only had a single thing, it would be slippery elm caps

  149. Diana B says:

    nasal spray and emergen-c

  150. Lisa says:

    My must haves for cold season are ludens cough drops, tea, tissues, and vicks vapor rub.

  151. Rebecca Lock says:

    Kleenex, Nyquil, and tea

  152. Erica B. says:

    I like Nyquil.

  153. Jean D. says:

    I just finished up a terrible cold. Tylenol, Advil Cold and Sinus, Carmex lip balm, and lots and lots of Kleenex got me through it.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  154. Stephanie Larison says:

    Dayquil daytime couch syrup and lots of halls!

  155. Jennifer J says:

    Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, Gatorade, Vitamin C!

  156. Laura P. says:

    Nyquil and the Neti Pot.

  157. Samantha says:

    I have lots of Nyquil, tissues, and Vasoline!

  158. BILL HOFF says:

    We take contact and musinex

  159. Sarah Hayes says:

    mygo to items are essentials oils to start with and then we go from there

  160. WHITNEY says:

    cough drops and cold medicine!!

  161. Ashley says:

    I don’t have any go-to products except for tea with honey.

  162. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    vitamin C and hot tea
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  163. Laurie Emerson says:

    My go to products are Motrin, Vicks, Nyquil, cough drops and Robitussin cough syrup.

  164. Paula Hafner says:

    For me it’s a good multivitamin for everyone in the family plus age appropriate cough medicines and pain relievers.

  165. Susan Smith says:

    My go-to products for cold & flu season are Tylenol and and cough drops

  166. Jessica Whitehouse says:

    Nyquil, hot tea, ibuprofen, and a dark-warm bed.

  167. amy deeter says:

    my go to products are NyQuil ,Kleenex, and cough drops !

  168. angela cisco says:

    My go to is Dayquil

  169. Trisha McKee says:

    I definitely count on Nyquil. My husband counts on Alka Seltzer flu.

  170. Lisa Davis says:

    vitamin C

  171. Danielle Marie says:

    for me it is nyquil, zicam, and sudafed. not all at the same time.