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Medicine Cabinet Makeover with Target *Giveaway closed*

*This post is brought to you by Target.
Update your medicine cabinet with Target (8)

I have to admit it’s been a good six months or longer since I last looked into our medicine cabinet and really organized it.  I had no idea how many products I owned that had expired or were no longer useful for our family and I was beyond ready to get a handle of the mess, and cold & flu season gave me the perfect reason to makeover my medicine cabinet with some great products from Target!

Once I started, I had no idea how many products I owned that had expired or were no longer useful for our family. Do you know that the CDC actually recommends that families dispose of any unused, unneeded or expired medications, vitamins and supplements? It was definitely time for me to tackle this project! We keep most of our medicine in the bathroom in an effort to have everything in one place and out of the reach of my kids. I decided to start by taking everything out of the medicine cabinet and the bin where we store excess items. We switched over to a see-through container from our old bin, and I like it so much better!

The blue/black polka dot case holds all my Essential Oils, and the clear container makes finding what I need quick and easy.


I also keep our First Aid kit in a hall cabinet that needed to be updated as well!

I went through the entire first aid kit and found a lot of items that had also expired. I was able to add in some new items that I got at Target like disinfecting spray and band-aids. love how much more organized the hall closet and my first aid kit is now!

Update your medicine cabinet with Target (2)

Update your medicine cabinet with Target (1)

Target has a great selection of so many brands, no matter what you’re looking for or what your budget is. From their cost-effective up & up brand to most name brands, you’ll find everything you need to completely makeover your medicine cabinet! I also discovered a few brands that are more natural, like The Honest Company and Zarbees!

Update your medicine cabinet with Target (3)

Now that my medicine cabinet and first aid kit are up-to-date, I feel so much more prepared to handle any illness that comes our way this season.images[2]

What are your go-to products for cold & flu season?

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  1. I love Airborne products! They work great. I also have a hand sanitizer in every room and in my purse and car. overly cautious!

  2. It’s good to have a good tube of Purell hand sanitizer on hand and also lots of vitamins!

  3. I have never had the flu and haven’t had a cold for a very long time. On those rare occasions when I do get a cold it is a head cold and usually doesn’t affect my chest. I use saline nasal sprays to irrigate my nose. Salt-water rinsing helps break nasal congestion while also removing virus particles and bacteria from my nose.

  4. Products that I need to have on hand is Vick’s NyQuil day and night time medicine. Cough drops and Mentholatum rub.

  5. Luckily I rarely get colds but when I do I ask the pharmacist for a recommendation for a decongestant. I also rely on frequent hand washing to prevent illnesses.

  6. We use Dayquil or Nyquil mostly unless a simple honey lemon tea or a honey, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and lemon blend will help.

  7. I try to NOT need products for cold and flu season. I try to get enough rest and eat well and have, so far, not needed anything else.

  8. Clariton-D helps keeps sinuses open and prevent sinus infections and headaches. Tylenol and Excedrin are always here too.

  9. DayQuil and a vaporizer. I hate being sick. The cold bug seems to hang on for weeks this year.

  10. Alkaseltzer Cold plus is my go to fix for miseries of cold/flu. My husband favors Nyquil and both of us have Menthol cough drops in our pockets,

  11. I prefer Dayquil. Hubby wants Nyquil. Love the Kleenex with Aloe. And of course some homemade chicken soup.

  12. We always have a bottle of elderberry syrup. We take it as a preventative when we’re in a germy place (on a cruise ship, visiting in a hospital, etc) or whenever we’re feeling especially tired or run down. We also take it at the first hint of a cold and it either knocks it out or really shortens the cold.

  13. My go to products are saline mist, a netti-pot and cold medicine. Cleaning out the medicine cabinet has been on my to-do list for a while. This might be a good weekend to do it.
    Thank you!

  14. My go-to products for cold &; flu season is Theraflu, halls cough drops, hot tea, and home remedies.

  15. Airborne has worked well for me this year… and I always have ricola cough drops on hand.

  16. I take Airborne to try to help not get colds, but when get the bad ones we usually try to pick something up to help. Not really any specific brand.

  17. My go to products for flu season are honey oranges and soup. Lots of water! If the worst happens Ill take Nyquil. Thanks 🙂

  18. My one must is PediaCare multisymptom. It’s the one thing I know that works for my girls. Thank you!!

  19. I usually reach for Mucinex but only as a last resort if homeopathic remedies don’t kick it out first.

  20. i don’t really have a go to product for cold and flu season. i don’t usually get sick and when i do i don’t medicate. I do use kleenex.

  21. My go to items during flu season are herbal tea, honey, lemon, chicken noddle soup, thieves essential oil, and antibacterial soap.

  22. Tea with honey & lemon, homemade chicken soup, orange juice, saline nasal spray, acetaminophen, and Kleenex.

  23. Since I just got over a terrible cold, the one thing I wish I had in the house was Kleenex with Lotion. My poor nose was so red!

  24. Lots of tissues, mucinex, tylenol and disinfecting products. I also wash blankets very often.

  25. Medicine cabinets are such an essential thing to be stocked up for. A few of my include Airborne, Hand Sanitizer and lots of lemon water. I also obviously always keep tissues on hand, and OTC meds that are reliable!

  26. I try to do as much natural products as I can. I make fresh ginger lemon honey tea. I load up on Zinc and Vitamin C. And if all else fails I use Nyquil or Alka Seltzer Cold & Flu.

  27. Dayquil, Vitamin c and green tea are my go to products. I usually just try to sleep as much as possible.

  28. Stash tea, especially peppermint! I tend to get respiratory infections and it really helps with the sore throat and laryngitis.

  29. I use musinex more than anything else when we start to cough and get congestion. I feel it lessens the length and severity of the cold since it gets all that crap out.

  30. My go to has always been Sudafed. It’s the only product that seems to relieve my congestion.

  31. Must haves freeze dried Slippery Elm caps, wild cherry bark caps, ginger & ginger caps, honey, milk thistle caps, echinachea caps, onions, chili pepper, horehound cough drops, Fisherman’s Friend cough drops & other goodies, but if I only had a single thing, it would be slippery elm caps

  32. I just finished up a terrible cold. Tylenol, Advil Cold and Sinus, Carmex lip balm, and lots and lots of Kleenex got me through it.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  33. For me it’s a good multivitamin for everyone in the family plus age appropriate cough medicines and pain relievers.

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