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Me Before Picture

OK so I saw Kristin’s post about her “me picture” which she looks really good! Last time I saw her was back in May and she looks amazing!Great job Kristin!!

I have to loose A LOT more weight then she does, 🙁 but I can do it. So here is my BEFORE picture! Please don’t laugh. I like my tooshie. I always have and it has stayed very round. I just need to loose the gut, the love handles and a lot of my thighs. Oh and I’d love for my breasts to shrink. I am a 36DD and I’d like to be a 34D again.

and this is my goal weight 140. I wore a size 9, those shorts are a large from forever21 (Kristin do you still have them?) and I was a 34D. (sorry my face is all red, I was crying because that was the day pat proposed to me)

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