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Mattel Toy Story Zing’ems Rocket Rumble Playset

Toy Story Zing’ems Rocket Rumble Playset: Zing ‘Ems are an action-packed, completely new way to play with everyone’s favorite Toy Story characters, and the Rocket Rumble playset is one of Buzz Lightyear’s most action-filled adventures yet. The galaxy’s greatest Space Ranger needs your help to take on Zurg.

Use the attack launcher to send Buzz zinging and zooming around the playset, crashing through the deadly Zurgbot and tumbling through the treacherous asteroid field.

Will you break through the obstacles and save the day? Or will you be defeated by the asteroid field and Zurgbot?

This is a fun set for any Toy Story fan! It has lots of little buttons and hopefully the good guys win at the end! The yellow button hops the Zing ems through the asteroid field!

Includes play set and 1 exclusive Buzz Lightyear Zing’ems figure. Collect all your favorite Zing’ems figures, each sold separately. The Toy Story Zing Ems Rocket Rumble Playset can be purchased at Target for $14.99 and includes one figure.  Zing-ems figures are also sold separately in 2-packs for $6.99.

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