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New Interactive Mickey Toy – Master Moves Mickey from Fisher-Price

On Aug. 3rd the young and young-at-heart turned New York’s iconic Times Square into a dance stage for a surprise 150+ person flash mob to launch the new Master Moves Mickey from Fisher-Price, an interactive toy designed for children ages three and older.

As you’ll see below, children of all ages danced alongside the new interactive toy which infuses the original Disney character with funky beats and 15 break dancing moves – including the Windmill, the “Mouska” Mix, the Spin Cycle, the Insane Handstand and the Ham Sandwich – that are sure to impress and motivate children and adults alike to get up and dance!

My sister also danced in the Flash Mob. Check it out!

We had the chance to check out the new Master Moves Mickey from Fisher-Price and I know Shelby is going to love it as she grows.

Get down in the house with your favorite mouse! Mickey Mouse dances to a funky beat as he combines over fifteen different dance moves into his own original dance combinations. Perfect your moves with Mickey as he shows off his insane handstand and then pops right into a 360! Press his nose to hear original tracks and funky beats as Mickey does “The Windmill”, “The Mouska Mix”, “The Spin Cycle”, “The Handstand” and the rest of his cool Mouska-moves!

Mickey Shows Off More Than 15 Dance Moves
Master Moves Mickey is taking dancing to a whole new level with his music and moves! Known as M3, Mickey is dialed up in his freshest dance gear, and he’s ready to get down with 15 impressive dance moves, including his signature one-handed handstand, the “360 Spin,” “The Windmill,” and many more.

Simply squeeze Mickey’s nose to switch between high-energy songs, dazzling moves, and dance grooves. Mickey even teaches your child four dances through exciting interactive lessons, while belting out fun phrases, including “Word to the M-O-U-S-E! That’s me!” and “You gotta move it to prove it!” At 15 inches tall, Mickey is a big-kid buddy for big-time fun and dancing!

Dance Fun for Kids Ages Two to Six
Designed for children two to six years old, Master Moves Mickey teaches children valuable gross motor skills through instructional dance lessons. They’ll also get a boost in understanding cause-and-effect relationships by squeezing Mickey’s nose to switch between songs, lessons, and dances.

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  1. This sounds like such a cute toy. I love that it gets kids moving and dancing! 15 dance moves will surely keep them busy for a long time! So cool that your sis got to dance with the flash mob!

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