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Mario Party: Island Tour {Win a Nintendo 2DS Party Kit} *Giveaway closed*


We recently had the chance to check out the all new Nintendo 2DS and my kids love that they can play both their old DS games and their 3DS Games on it. It’s the perfect gaming system for families who want to still use the old games, and the new!

We are excited to share the newest Nintendo 3DS game! Mario Party: Island Tour! Mario, minigames and the Party Islands are perfectly portable on the 3DS.

Mario PartyGather your friends and family—up to four people can join Mario on the Party Islands: a wonderland of 80 all-new minigames, 7 new boards, Streetpass minigames, and more. Packed with content and unique ways to play on the 3DS and 2DS, this island tour will seem brand new every time you play.

In this ultimate showdown you can take on the road blaze through the 7 new game boards, some of which take just minutes to play. Wrangle goombas and blast out of cannons as you tilt, tap, and draw through new minigames harnessing the unique functionality of Nintendo 3DS. Compete in new multiplayer modes including mind bending puzzles, minigame challenges, or enter a whole new reality with AR Card play for up to 4 players. Whether in single or multiplayer, this is a portable party that never ends.

Key Features

  • Join 4 players locally in new multiplayer modes.
  • 7 new game boards, each with different rules and characteristics.
  • New boards and modes that take just minutes, ideal for portable play.
  • 80 minigames exclusive to Nintendo 3DS.
  • New single player multi-floor minigame tower.
  • Use the StreetPass feature to meet and battle with other partiers.
  • Multiplayer Augmented Reality fun.
  • Party with up to 3 other people with Download Play.

Mario Party: Island Tour  is the perfect game for the whole family and great for traveling. The new game will keep anyone occupied for hours.

We have one amazing Nintendo 2DS Mario Pary: Island Tour Party Kit for one lucky reader! This  travel kit will include special Nintendo items to help a parent keep their child entertained during long road trips! Perfect foe upcoming Holiday Season!

Win a Nintendo 2DS

ONE winner will receive a Nintendo 2DS Mario Pary: Island Tour Party Kit!

  • Nintendo 2DS system
  • Mario Party: Island Tour
  • Nintendo 2DS travel case
  • A Mario plushie (fun “travel companion” for kids)
  • A branded Nintendo water bottle
  • Mini backpack


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This giveaway will end on Dec. 10th

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  1. Yes, now that my son is getting older i’m thinking of getting him a Nintendo DS! The mario party island game looks fun too!

  2. I was actually considering it for my son; just not sure if he’s ready for one yet!! We love any Mario game in this house; we have every one on Wii.

  3. would be excellent gift for my kids and especially for me on roadtrips cause it would keep the kids busy while i Might just be looking into Mario Party Island game for my son he loves Mario make nice Christmas gift for him or birthday gift since he was born on 12/31 (New Years Eve)

  4. I actually have one myself already but I don’t have the Mario Party Island Tour game. I would like to get it because I think my nieces and nephew would love it!

  5. I recently thought about getting it when my kids are a little older because it would be a great game for them to play in the car when we take road trips.

  6. I would really like to – have been trying to decide between the 2DS and the 3DSXL. Getting Super Mario World 3d for my Wii U so I would love to have this to play Mario Party Island Tour!

  7. Mario is my 5 yo son’s HERO! He plays with all the plush toys and recreates “scenes” from the videos. I hadn’t seen this before, but I have a feeling it would make him VERY happy!!!

  8. I didn’t know about it ’till now, and I’d love to get it for my son, he probably already knows about it, he’d love to get it.

  9. I was thinking about getting both items for my cousin’s three boys. It would make a great gift for them and they are great at sharing so they could take turns playing it.

  10. I really want to give this to my 6 year old son, we don’t own a game system and he would love this for his hour bus ride to and from school

  11. We will probably be purchasing this. My kids are always up to date on the latest Nintendo products and they are always adding the items to their wish lists. I don’t mind because it is one thing that truly keeps them entertained. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  12. I just recently found out about the Nintendo 2DS because That’s what my kids want for Christmas. I would love to buy it for them but since my Husband got laid off, Christmas will be hard this year. I’m not sure I can afford 3 of them on a tight budget right now. This really is the perfect present to keep them entertained since they travel to grandmas all the time. This is going to make someones child/children very happy to get. Thank you for the chance to win one.

    1. And I was actually thinking of getting it, but then she already had a 3DS XL. I guess they fill different niches. I was not planning on getting that game, though.

  13. My son tried out the Wii U at Toys R zus and I was so happy to see his face light up with such wonderment. He’s 3 and a half however so a Wii would probably be a bit too advanced for him. So im looking to start him off with a 2DS. He is starting to get familiar with Mario and all the characters.

  14. I’ve always wanted a 3ds but they’re so darn expensive, and while the 2ds is cheaper it’s still too expensive for me to buy! I hope I win, but if I don’t congrats to the winner!!

  15. My son has asked for one, but not sure if I can fit it in my budget this year.


  16. I was hoping to win this because I can’t afford to buy it. I know my nephew would absolutely love it and I would be his favorite!!!

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  18. My friends and I used to play Mario Party non stop in college, this system and game will be a great nostalgic activity for us!!! I hadn’t thought about getting it before reading about it here, but now I am very interested.

  19. Have been pondering getting this for my son, but money is tight unfortunately! I would love to win this for him

  20. Actually my little guy is getting the Nintendo 2ds for Christmas this year and one of the games we are planning on getting him is the Mario Party:Island Tour, he is a huge Mario fan and I know he would be very happy with it.

  21. I don’t have any plans on getting it but I know my kids would both love it
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  22. Currently no plans to get a 2DS as I’d rather get a 3DS XL. As for the game, I guess I didn’t even know it existed! My kids are big Mario Party fans, though, so it would likely be one we’d get.

  23. I want to for me daughter but we’re on a tight budget so not in the plans unless we win one for her!

  24. My boys are just now asking about DS and I think we will be getting them one for Christmas that they will have to share.

  25. I am planning on getting at least one Nintendo 2DS. I have a little boy from a family that my company is sponsoring for Christmas that is also asking for one so we are collecting quarters for him right now as well.

  26. I am not planning on it, but if we come across some extra cash for Christmas we would totally get it for our son. he has been asking for it but it’s just not in budget this year.

    tony l smoaks on rafflecopter

  27. We we thinking about getting the DS either for Christmas or my daughter’s birthday in January when things are on sale

  28. I didnt have plans to buy the system just yet but we LOVE Mario in this house so it will only be a matter of time! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  29. I’m sure my daughters would love the Nintendo 2DS, and they are huge fans of Mario. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  30. My daughter wants one but it is not in my budget so hopefully I can win her this Thank you for the opportunity

  31. My son would love this. He is austic and enjoys playing games and trying to figure things out. It keeps him calm and entertain when riding in the car.

  32. Yes I’m planning on getting the DS and the Mario Party game if i can’t get it by Christmas than by the latest for my daughters birthday coming up.

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