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#Mamavation Monday 4/15/13

Last week was a great week for me. Hubby and I decided to go almost vegetarian, we still had eggs (not a lot though). I decided to try and cut back on snacking and salty foods. I really want to continue to watch my foods and try to cut out more bad carbs.

The baby was sick all week and the weather was cooler which meant I was stuck indoors with her most of the time. We also had a ton of activities with the older girls which meant my mornings were used for cleaning, laundry and basically holding a crying baby.

  • Weightloss (Since Feb. 1st): 16 pounds!! – 5 pounds this last week woo hoo!!!
  • Miles this week: 12 – I did not exercise as much as I wanted to.

This week I would like to do a 2 mile walk/jog every day I can.
I also got my Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution and I plan to do at least one exercise a day Wednesday – Friday.


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