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#Mamavation Monday – 3/18/2013

I know I am a day late. We were super busy yesterday and I jsut didn’t around to posting last night. Better late then never right?

So this past week I definitely had a harder time with my eating habits. I just felt so hungry at the end of the day, Shelby wouldn’t go to bed before 11 pm and so by 9o pm I was hungry… or maybe just bored and wanted snacks.. either way I wasn’t too shocked to see that the scale didn’t move this week. boo! This week I need to kick my snacking in the butt and not eat anything so late, and if I HAVE to have something then I will eat baby carrots or some veggies.

I did work harder on walking/jogging more so I am happy with that. I guess I could have gained some muscle and lost fat. IDK

I decided yesterday to try on some jean shorts I couldn’t even fit into last summer and they fit! A tad tight in the waist but last summer I couldn’t even button them! It made me motivated to work harder this week.

  • Weightloss (Since Feb. 1st):  7 lbs
  • Miles this week: 20
This week I would like to do a 2 mile walk/jog every day I can. I also got my Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution and I plan to do at least one exercise a day Wednesday -Sunday.
This week on Mamavation they are chatting about Bento Boxes and healthy lunches for kids at school. I let the kids help pick out food for their school lunches. I guess I haven’t been that strict about not trading food or taking junk from others. I know that sometimes my kids give their food to other kids who might still be hungry. I don’t mind if they share because I know that a lot of other kids may not have enough to eat.
This is a typical lunch for my 4th grader. yogurt, string cheese, fruit snacks and a salad. (with a bottle of water)


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  1. It’s ok to have stalled weeks – your body will kick back in if you keep your eating on track. Your 20 miles is impressive.

    Your kiddo lunch looks fantastic! Great job, mama!

    ~popping by from Mamavation

  2. oh bento boxes are so good! you can get inspiration for ideas from weelicious too! i cannot wait for when my girls go to school to start packing healthy options like yours!

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