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#Mamavation Monday 3/11/2013

oh man is it really Monday again?! This weekend flew by so fast! We headed out to L.A. to Olvera St. to find the girls Hispanic outfits for Girl scout Thinking day this coming weekend, and then yesterday I spent all day baking for Shelby’s Birthday Party (today!!) We had a ton of snow on Friday so I was unable to get out and run the past three days which I think is part of the reason I didn’t loose as much as I was hoping to this week.

I plan to get to the mail today because my Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution came! I can’t wait to start it!

Today also starts the #2WeekChallenge  with Mamavation and I can’t wait to stat!

This week everyone is talking about slumber parties! …. Mommy Slumber Parties at that!  I have only had a handful of ADULT slumber parties and I think they are great for the soul. Staying up late chit chatting is wonderful! My last was with my dear friend Kellie last July and we stayed up until 3 am and we made ourselves go to bed. I love having those all nighter gab fests. It really helps me, and I always feel better afterwards.

Moms need some time away from the kids.. heck while they are sleeping is just as good!


  • Weightloss (Since Feb. 1st):  7 lbs
  • Miles this week: 15 miles – would have been more but spent a lot of the week with sick babies!



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  1. congrats on what you have lost so far! i want to start dieting/exercise too but i am waiting for my baby to be a year since we are still bf. OMG us moms do need a time out lol or atleast for the kids to sleep for a couple of hours! LOL

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