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I first learned about MAM Pacifiers after I had Sarah. The hospital gave me one because I was exhausted and all she wanted to do was nurse. That pacifier was my saving grace. Of course it also happened to be the ONLY “binkie” she would take so finding them sometimes was hard because of where we live

When MAM asked to send some products for the new baby I couldn’t wait. I already loved their products and heard there were new ones. I was very intrigued with some of the products and can’t wait to sue them.

I think the MAM Night Pacifiers are so cute! Of course they do have newborn pacifiers, MAM designers have created an extra-small and lightweight pacifier specifically for  newborn babies up to two months. MAM Newborn Pacifiers are available in various colors and motifs which suit baby’s age – the perfect start to a happy and healthy future!

The MAM Night can be used with babies 2 months to 6 months.


  • Patented design elements
  • Glow in the dark
  • Available with MAM Ultra Soft Silicone Nipple
  • Good for the skin
  • Ideal for baby’s jaw

Some other great items to check out are the Teethers.

The smart MAM teethers ease teething troubles as well as fostering your  baby’s active perception skills by training the senses. MAM has the just the  right teething product for every age!

  • Starter & Clip (1+ Months)
  • Mini Cooler & Clip (2+ Months)
  • Bite & Brush (3+ Months)
  • Cooler (4+ Months)
  • Bite & Play (5+ Months)

We received the Starter & Clip. Is your baby just getting its first teeth?  No problem with the Starter &  Clip. Distract babies from teething pains with this teether. Extra  lightweight and features a special ring shape which makes it simple to hold for  small babies in particular.

  • The innovative clip combination enables the teether to accompany the baby
    through the dynamic activities of everyday life.
  • Extra lightweight and simple to hold for small babies in particular.

This teether will be great when she starts sprouting those teeth and what a fun ring design!

The Bite & Brush is another product that is neat. Baby’s first teeth are a whole new adventure. MAM designers have developed a teether which soothes as well as cleans baby’s first teeth. I am super intrigued with this teether and hope that it will help with teething.

  • Complements daily dental care by cleaning baby’s first teeth during the
    chewing process.
  • Provides a gentle massage to sooth painful gums where teeth are beginning to
    come through.
  • The soft bristles are particularly gentle on baby’s gums and first teeth.
Another neat product is the Cooler. Baby’s first teeth are a whole new adventure. MAM designers have developed a
teether which cools while also looking cool. The Cooler is fun to use and  chewing, cooling and relaxing enables babies to quickly forget their teething  troubles. For babies 4+ months.
  • The Cooler is fun to use and enables babies quickly to forget their teething
  • Various surface structures and materials make teething easier..
  • The unique shape of the cooling element also easily reaches the molars.
*Products were received from MAM through Team Mom.


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  1. When my son was born he refused all the pacifiers that my daughter had liked. At first I was fine with this – I honestly like the idea of him not using one. Then he was diagnosed with silent aspiration with pooling (my breastmilk was entering his lungs). He had a very severe case and even with thickening my milk had problems. Putting him in different positions while he sucked on a pacifier was recommended to help strengthen his swallow muscles. Again he refused all pacifiers I tried. Then our feeding therapist recommended MAM – it was the only pacifier he would take. This pacifier greatly assisted with his swallow therapies and the doctors believed it helped speed his recovery.

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