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Make ‘Sense’ of Baby’s Development with Bright Starts

Did you know that babies develop the sense of touch before all other senses? In fact, touch begins to develop as early as 7 weeks into pregnancy. Some studies suggest that the sense of touch enhances the growth and development of a baby and allows them to bond with others. So, throughout your pregnancy and into the valuable first months of life, help your little one grow by providing sensory-stimulating opportunities daily!

The Start Your Senses Collection from Bright Starts has taken this knowledge to heart with products designed to encourage baby’s sensory development during the first six months of life. These sensory stimulating toys are sure to help develop baby’s tactile, visual, and auditory senses with features such as multiple textures, soft fabrics, high contrast colors, melodies and sounds.

We love the Start Your Senses Sensory Plush Pals and I can’t wait for the new baby to play with it. These plush characters help develop baby’s senses of sight, hearing, and touch while on-the-go! These great pals feature sensory stimulating elements including teether, mirror, rattle, crinkle, and ribbons. High contrast color and patterns help to develop baby’s sense of sight while rattle and clacking rings stimulate baby’s hearing. Crinkle and sating ribbons stimulate the sense of touch while a mirror encourages self-discovery.

Any baby will love these awesome little Pals! Priced at $12.99 they are perfect for any baby shower gift or new baby gift!

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