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Looking for a great line of bottles? Try Chicco’s NaturalFit™

*A product was provided by Chicco.

Earlier this year Chicco launched the NaturalFit™ Advanced Feeding System, which includes everything from bottles and pacifiers to nursing pads and bottle sterilizers, at buybuy BABY stores across the country.

Chicco’s NaturalFit™ bottles come in three sizes and work with babies from newborn to whenever you wean your baby from a bottle! They have  three stages of bottles with three distinct nipple shapes that adapt to the specific needs of growing babies.  I love how Chicco has worked hard to find the perfect nipples and bottle shape for the growing babies.


You will notice that Stage 1 bottle has a nipple that is tipped at the end, this helps with less air flow to the newborn/infant.  It is also made for babies who also breastfeed and make it easy to go from breast to bottle. This is perfect for the working/pumping mom. I instantly thought of my sister when I saw this bottle. The nipples of the bottle are very flexible and are made to feel more like the breast.

I also really like how Stage 2 has an adjustable flow nipple depending on your baby’s suck and how they handle milk flow.  The nipple is also flexible for the growing baby as he learns and develops his suck.

Stag 3 has a longer nipple for those strong sucks from an older baby,the bottle of the nipple is narrower so that baby’s get a better lip seal around the bottle.

Chicco also has a Y-cut nipple that s available for introducing thicker liquids.


You can purchase the new Chicco’s new NaturalFit™ Advanced Feeding System at Buy Buy Baby.

*A product was provided by Chicco.

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  1. Those sound like awesome bottles. I wish they had been around back when my boys were babies!

  2. I never thought about changing nipples and bottles as my babies grew. I have a kind of one-size-fits-all routine. Chicco’s Natural Fit makes a lot of sense.

  3. I just saw these in the store recently. Chicco has great quality stuff. These look very nice.

  4. Wow, how great! I will have to pass this information onto my little sister; she is due in just a couple of weeks. Thanks so much!

  5. Do you happen to know how many oz you can add to them? My son still takes a bottle and he likes 9-10 oz since he can’t have food.

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