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Little Girls

If your a mom to little girls do you ever find yourself sitting back just watching them play? How delicate they are with their toys and how sweet they talk to their dolls?

I love watching my girls play. Most of the time they play well together and share. Today is like any other day for Sarah and I, Sam is off at school and Sarah and I are home spending the morning together.

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  1. I love watching Kaila play Barbies.

    Awww and you even posted a Tim song. It’s perfect!
    .-= Krust´s last blog ..Gymnastics For Four Year Olds =-.

  2. My daughter has a sweet little girl of her own, my granddaughter who is 4 yrs. old. One day she proudly counted up to 100 for me. I asked her how many dolls she has and she replied so seriously, “Grandma, I don’t have any dolls. I have 20 babies.” Like you, I love watching her play with her “babies”.

  3. I love watching my daughter, Hallie, play. She never was an independent player (she always has to get others involved). But when she does play by herself, she is so involved that she doesn’t even notice her dad and I watching her and giggling. Just today, she was out in the yard man handling a big rake, playing clean the yard. I ran to get my camera and caught her in action. She was totally unaware that I was even photographing her. I am in awe when I just sit and watch her amuse herself.

  4. There is such a special relationship between a mom and a daughter. I treasure mine with my mother so much and I would love to have my own little girl one day to perpetuate the loving relationship.

  5. i can remember when my megan was just about 2, she is now almost 22!, i woke up one morning, she slept in her own bed in my room at that time, and looking over the edge of the bed, she had a barbie doll house and furniture and about a hundred dolls set up in one corner, and i just watched her play, she was so cute in her jammies with her curls all messy down her back and she was playing so softly as to not wake me , i watched her for a while til she looked over and caught me with my eyes open! i used to watch her play a lot, and those are some of my best memories , catching her unaware. she was always so sweet and cute. i miss those times terribly , to those with little kids , boys or girls , take the time to play and enjoy, let the house get dirty, mess will be there to clean later but those moments wont! treasure each and every one, time flys without you even realizing it

  6. Oh yeah!! This brings back memories! I still have my Alex’s dolls and baby dolls. I remember when I was a little girl, my mom would take me and my sister to the Colton Swap Meet where she would by us hand made Barbie clothes for our Barbie’s. I haven’t seen any Barbie clothes that are as beautiful as they were, OK, maybe Bob Mackie’s Barbie’s! LOL.. We were very poor but my mom had away of making us seem normal, well, as normal as anyone else! LOL..

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