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LeapFrog LeapPad *Giveaway closed*

Sarah playing Pixar Pals

I still remember the very first LeapFrog item we ever received. Samantha received the Baby Piano for her first birthday and was her absolute favorite toy for years. Even Sarah loved it.

Over the years we have fallen in love with the educational learning toys from LeapFrog. We were all excited to learn about the LeapPad.

The first thing I noticed was that the LeapPad came with two stylus and one has an attachable cord. This I was excited about because I knew it would not easily be lost.

We then set Sarah up with her own account. It’s great because with the built in camera we took her picture to personalize her account. The screen is 5 inches and has a 480×272 pixel resolution. I was impressed with the size of the screen and it fits perfectly in little ones hands. The LeapPad has a built in 2GB memory and also has a built in camera, video recorder and microphone making it very versatile!

We love that the LeapPad also uses the LeapFrog Explorer cartridges and apps., and in a way the LeapPad is similar to the explorer. Kids can read stories, play games, color, draw and so much more.ย  Like the Explorer I love the option of uploading apps (games) right onto the system, when traveling you don’t have to worry about lost cartridges.

The LeapPad does come with installed games (and of course you can add many more to it). It has four apps installed. Pet Pad, Story Studio, Art Studio, and one app of your choice.

The LeapPad is for ages 4 to 9, but I can see 3 year olds loving the coloring and drawing. You can purchase the leapPad in green or pink at many local retailers.

ONE winner will receive a LeapFrog LeapPad and TWO LeapFrog Explorer Cartridges.

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This giveaway will end on Nov. 20th

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  1. Finally i think i figured this out. My son loves his leapster and wants a few more games. The tag system would be a great fit for him too.
    I liked your page on FB.

  2. I shared your page. My 2nd son is too young for this leap pad (3 months) but several of the infant toys would be perfect for him. The learn and groove table or the counting pot would be perfect.

  3. I am checking these out for my 2 and 5 year old.I love the fact the games we have for the explorer will work for the leap pad.

  4. I love the idea of the Learn & Grooveยฎ: Color Play Drum my son loves music and it will teach him spanish at the same time. Also signed up for you newsletter and liked you on FB. Thanks

  5. My son would love the Leap Frog Learning DVD’s. He’s seen a couple of them in the stores and he always wants one. I’ve been looking at the Bundle package. It has the Alphabet and numbers in it. What a great bundle to help preschoolers get ready for kindergarten.

  6. My little one would LOVE the Learn & Groove Musical Table – AND a lot of other stuff – think I might have to go shopping!

  7. I am going to be purchasing the text and learn from Leapfrog for my almost 2 yr old. He loves to use my cell phone and is always texting people. Of course it makes no sense but everyone knows it is a message from Nico!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. We have the Leapster 2. I think my son would like the Explorer or LeapPad with games since they aren’t the same as Leapster 2 cartridges. My daughter would like a Leapster 2 of her own and ‘girly’ games. I love that we can track their progress and see what they are learning!

  9. My son would LOVE the Leap Pad but I saw the new Count & Draw and I know he’d love that too! Especially since some of his Leapfrog toys are now being past down to his little sister haha!

  10. I still have the books that you use the attached pen from my children. (my oldest is 40) and I would like to share leap frog with my grandchildren

  11. I am thinking about buying the Tag Reading system for my oldest for Christmas. They have the Tag Junior but she is starting to outgrow it. It also has a Tinkerbell Book, which I know she would love.

  12. I love the leapfrog pals (violet for my 1 year old) my 3 and 4 year olds would love the leap pad

  13. I would love the food and scanner. My 3yr old loves to help me shop and a favorite activity of hers is “grocery shopping” at home ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. My daughter would love to get the Ratatoille leapster cartridge. Thanks for the opportunity to enter….

  15. On the Leapfrog site, we also love the tag system! My 3 year old has the junior tag and we plan to get her a regular tag this Christmas

  16. My Own Laptop toy has been a favorite of ours. It always comes in the car for the kids to play with on longer trips.

  17. My boys would love the Leapster Explorer (or the leappad) I love the idea that the games can be used on either one.

  18. My 4 yr old son has had several of LeapFrog’s products. He has always loved the Phonics DVDs as well as the LeapFrog Leap’s Phonics Railroad, which we recently sold to make room for birthday and Christmas gifts.
    In searching LeapFrog’s website I found the Text & Learn and the My Own Story Pad, I know he would absolutely love both of the products.

  19. My children currently own everything from Baby Tad to learning Lily to musical blocks to counting candles birthday cake to my own leaptop to the tag jr and tag reader and the leapster 2 and others that are not listed. They would love to have the explorer products, and the number one thing on my 5 year old christmas list is the LeapPad Explorer and all the disney games and disney e-books.

  20. We love most of the Leapfrog products. My daughter has a Leapster Explorer, and I would love to get my son a Leappad. Love that the use the same game cartridges too!

  21. my son wouldlove the Tag Solar System Adventure Pack. He already has the country and world maps for his tag, so this would complete the set. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. My son would love a LeapPad, he’s always trying to take my iPod touch. And my one year old would love a Cook and Play Potsy & the Magnetic Farm Animals!

  23. I hope I win this LeapPad for my youngest children. I still have the original LeapPad theat opened like a book and took books and cartridges. My boys that are now 22, 21 and 18 used them all the time and learned so much. We still have them and have aquired some my 1st LeapPads with books and cartridges. We also have the original drum “Have some fun everyone, play the drum”, the original piano for babies, Math circus DVD, Letter Factory DVD, Talking Words Factory DVD, Complex Word Complex DVD, Number Bus, original Leapster with 2 games (this was a “hand me down”), Fix and Learn Speedy, Learn and Groove radio (bilingual) stuffed Leap with the ABCs on him, the original fridge phonics with the extra set of lower case letters, and our most recent purchase was a My First Leaptop that my 2.5 yo loves!!

    I really want the new LeapPad, many of the games and accessories. And in visiting the Leapfrog website, I see there is a 3 DVD Learning collection that I would like.

    We really like Leapfrog products and want this one!

  24. I would love the Explorer. My son loves LeapFrog stuff and still plays with Leapster which was his cousin’s from long time ago.

  25. Count and draw looks like something my son would love! Lettersaurs would have been perfect for him a year ago.

  26. I subscribed to your news letter…i love this site it is a great resource…thank you so much!!!

  27. I also shared this on facebook…if you can’t tell I really want this for my daughter. We are a military family and her daddy is deployed and will be for Christmas. I wanted to do something special for her and she loved this at the store. We have a couple of older leapfrog learning toys and this would be a great addition. I also want the violet and leaptop for my youngest daughter.

  28. From the Leapfrog site, my little girl would love the text and learn, as she is always taking my phone to send “texts” to her cousins!

  29. I am probably not doing this correctly, but I found on the leapfrog site the Cars Leapster Explorer and that is one I didn’t know about. I love it because it looks like a game, with the Cars decoration on it, but it is not just a toy, it is a learning tool. We have the Tag system and are just amazed everyday with what it can do!

  30. I liked you on facebook, have liked leapfrog on fb for a very long time. I tried to tweet, but can’t seem to figure out Twitter, lol! Hopefully it worked, but have enough to keep up on with facebook. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. We would love a leapad…I’ve been buying my son leapfrog products for a couple years now he can’t get enough of them he sleeps with his scout dog everynight and can’t get to sleep without listening to his tag books..I feel the leappad would help him learn in so many more areas please consider my little boy in the free giveaway thank you

  32. My lil guy loves his LeapFrog Scout Puppy. I swear its how he learned to pronounce his name! I adore how LeapFrog allows for personalization: a must for children who learn in every different way.

  33. I checked out and what I really like for my 2 1/2 yr old and 13 month old sons is Tag Jr. which my son got for his birthday, and they both have a My Pal Scout and they absolutely love him! What I really would like to get them from Leap Frog now is Fridge phonics magnetic alphabet set and Cook & Play Potsy or Count & Scan Shopper!
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  34. I would love for my son to own the Explorer. My oldest son has the Star Wars Didj and loves it. We also have a 3-month old so any of the awesome baby things would be nice…

  35. I would love for my 9 year old to have a leapster explorer and also my 1 year old daughter. she uses her older brothers leapster exploere and has learned some of her numbers and alphabets but she rarely gets to play it

  36. I would love to be able to give my four year old a leappad by leapfrog because he asked me for an iphone or an ipad for christmas and so I thought a leappad would be perfecty for him. Thanks!!

  37. Following you on twitter @CharLuvsAbby3 & tweeted

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