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Last days (weeks) of pregnancy – in between and anticipation


Here we are expecting moms who are in their last days or weeks of pregnancy. Basically life is standing still, so much anticipation of birth and adding a new life to a family. Your old like is that of the past and the excitement of a new life can be overwhelming too.

The wait can be almost as agonizing as how uncomfortable mamas to be feel. How am I feeling? I am a complete mix of emotions.

Exactly a year ago we experienced a miscarriage at 8 weeks. It was an extremely rough month for me with the constant Dr visits and ultrasounds. Here we sit exactly one year later waiting on the birth of our fourth baby and I am excited and scared.

After such a rough time last year and then finding out we were expecting again last June this really has been a whirlwind of a year.

We sit now and wait, anticipate when labor may start and excited to see what this baby will look like. To see his face and to hold and kiss him. My life is standing still for the time being. We are stuck in a place that is in between. No longer in that spot of what used to be, but not there in our new place in life.

For the time being I plan to read my birth affirmations and try my hardest to not complain about all the aches and pains. Because…. the baby will be here soon.

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