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Lalaloopsy Stretchy Hair Dolls #StretchAcrossUSA

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We have some Lalaloopsy news for you! The brand new Stretchy Hair doll (Whirly Stretchy Locks) is just rolling out onto shelves at stores nationwide.

 Lalaloopsy Stretchy Hair has hair that stretches up to 3x its original length! Girls can style her hair as wacky and silly as possible by stretching it super long then styling it into a braid, twist or spiral. MSRP = $29.99.

Because Lalaloopsy Stretchy Hair’s locks are seeewww stretchy…Lalaloopsy is celebrating with an Instagram promotion in which girls are asked to share a photo of them stretching the doll’s hair, preferably in front of a local landmark. They will submit the photos with #StretchAcrossUSA and also hashtag their state’s name.

As Lalaloopsy receive entries, they will fill in states on the magical Lalaloopsy USA Map. Once the map is complete, then Lalaloopsy  will randomly select  a winner, who will receive a customized Lalaloopsy Sugary Sweet prize pack worth approximately $200!



See Lalaloopsy’s Facebook page for more details:

You can connect with Lalaloopsy on TwitterFacebook and Instagram

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