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Lalaloopsy Babies Surprise Potty Doll *Giveawayclosed*

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Lalaloopsy Babies Surprise Potty Doll (2)

Being apart of the Lalaloopsy SIP (Sew Important Person) Ambassadors means we tend to get some cool goodies to play with. I mean the girls get to play with them and this month the Lalaloopsy Super Silly Party continues with some super fun toys.

We have already shared about the fun Mini Lalalopsy Super Silly Party Musical Cake Playset and new party dolls and now we have the Lalaloopsy Babies Surprise Potty Doll.

Explore the magical world of Lalaloopsy, there are tons of silly surprises around every corner! Lalaloopsy Babies Potty Surprise magically poops a surprise shape on her potty! Feed Baby Jewel Sparkles baby food and when she’s ready to go, place her on the potty and she will magically a poop different shapes every time!

It includes three different food colors! Do it over and over again for magical fun!

Lalaloopsy Babies Surprise Potty Doll (1) Lalaloopsy Babies Surprise Potty Doll (3)

Product Features:

  • Lalaloopsy Babies Potty Surprise Jewel Sparkles magically poops a surprise shape!
  • Each poop is a different shape each time!
  • Includes 3 colors of food to feed her
  • Accessories include a bowl, a spoon, and a potty

Lalaloopsy Babies Surprise Potty Doll (4)

Shelby is three and a half and is absolutely obsessed with babies, and babies that pee or poop is fun for her. she loves to “change” her dolls and thinks the Lalaloopsy Babies Surprise Potty Doll is a lot of fun and she loves it’s pink hair!

Lalaloopsy Babies Surprise Potty Doll 6


ONE winner will receive a Lalaloopsy Babies Surprise Potty Doll.


Lalaloopsy Babies Surprise Potty Doll

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This giveaway will end on Oct. 21st

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58 Responses to “Lalaloopsy Babies Surprise Potty Doll *Giveawayclosed*”

  1. Margaret Maggie Porter says:

    Flopsy would be my name. Lately I fall for no reason. 🙂

  2. Kathleen Walsh says:

    princess Klutzalot

  3. Patricia says:

    We would call her Trixie.

  4. Cassandra Eastman says:

    If I were a lalaloopsy my name would be Mocha Latte!

  5. Jeanna says:

    I would be Sugar & Spice!

  6. Heidi Daily says:

    Fannie Forgets-a-lot would have to be my name if I were a Lalaloopsy.

  7. Lisa G says:

    I would Layla Lay Down. I need a nap lol.

  8. Terry Maigi says:

    If I were a Lalaloopsy doll I would be called Caffeine Cathy lol

  9. Stephanie says:

    i would name her Amber

  10. Jenny Q. says:

    Probably something to do with Java Chip frapp. (my favorite coffee drink).

  11. Natalie S says:

    I would be LopsiFlopsi 🙂

  12. Ana Aquino says:

    If I were a Lalaloopsy Doll, I would name myself Chloe!

  13. Kellie L says:

    Queen P of course

  14. Casey Everidge says:

    pickle loopsy!!

  15. Rebecca W says:

    My name would be Lady Do It All

  16. Shannon F. says:

    Ahhh! I’m not creative enough for this and I feel so much pressure. lol Silly Shannon? Sassy Shannon? lol

  17. Amanda Ayala says:

    Mandy Marshmallow would be my name

  18. shelly says:

    I think I’d be silly laughs a lot.

  19. kammie says:

    I am SO glad I don’t have to poop plastic stars, ouch! SHe’s awful cute though.

  20. Terri S. says:

    My name would be Coco Patty (I love chocolate covered mint patties).

  21. Leela says:


  22. Rachel DeHart says:

    Fruity Lee Lou

  23. Chris Dehart says:

    CeeBee Dee Heart

  24. Shakeia Rieux says:

    My name would be Sun Kiss

  25. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    My Name Would Be Sunshine Sparkles If I Were A Lalaloopsy Doll.

  26. Amanda Schaeffer says:

    If I were a Lalaloopsy doll my name would be Peaches and cream sweet as a dream

  27. lana says:

    I am having a third child in May hoping for a girl it would be for her then

  28. Nancy Sloan says:

    My granddaughter would love this.

  29. Ellie Wright says:

    I would be Baseball Baby.

  30. Jill McHale says:

    Jill YellsALot

  31. harold says:

    Grandpa Loopsy

  32. Danielle Wood says:

    My name would be sunshine because it’s what my mom calls me

  33. Michelle Hill says:

    Maybe-Maybe Not because I procrastinate all the time!

  34. nickie says:

    Complainsalot, because I like to complain 🙂

  35. Barbara Montag says:

    If I had a Lalaloopsy name it would be Aggie.
    thank you

  36. Amy Deeter says:

    my daughter said she would name it lalakelsey for her name Kelsey !

  37. Timmy D says:

    I would name her rosemary

  38. Karla R. says:

    I would be itty witty for being clever?

  39. tina reynolds says:

    Sweet and Sassy

  40. Brittney House says:

    Her name would be annabell.

  41. susan smoaks says:

    if i was a lalaloopsy doll my name would be suzy pop

  42. Shelley P says:

    I would be Shelby Shine if I was a Lalaloopsy doll 🙂

  43. Vera says:

    Clumsy-CrashALot. I’m a walking disaster.

  44. Paula Tavernie says:

    I would be called Hugs A lot!!

  45. Karen Drake says:

    Kismet Karen.

  46. Kate Newton says:

    My LaLaLoopsy name would be Tired Trudy! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  47. Tracy Shafer says:

    I love the name Evangeline

  48. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I would have the name lilly lala!

  49. Heather S. says:

    I’d be called Smiley!

  50. Vikki Billings says:

    My name would be Cutie Pie

  51. Dawn Reid says:

    It would be Daring Dawn

  52. cynthia dawson says:

    Id be sleepy cindy…im always tired!

  53. Devon F says:

    I would name myself Sunshine 🙂

  54. Stephanie Larison says:

    Stephanie Snowflake, and I’d keep the b-day….1/14.

  55. rajee says:

    princess Klutzalot

  56. Angie Bailey says:

    My name would be Lillie.

  57. Taylor Closet says:

    My name would be Smiley Sydney