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I am so excited to share the  news from  Kiwi Crate – after many months of requests and valuable input from the community – Kiwi Crate is expanding their product line and will be launching additional single gift crates in our Celebration Shop.

These crates include six of our customer favorite crates, such as Pirate Adventure, Robot Rally, Making Music, Colorful Inspiration, Medieval Fun and Wild Safari.

Now’s your chance to stock up on crates for any occasion including: rainy days, birthday parties, and family fun nights!

Each crate is available for $19.95 and can be purchased in the Celebration Shop.

We received the Growing Gardens and my girls loved it! I think it’s a great Crate for boys and girls, but even my ten year old loved it.  We received a sibling set with our Create. I really appreciate they offer the Sibling Add-On. This gives both kids the exact same items to use and there is no fighting.. just learning!

  • Project One – Window Garden

Everything you need to plant, grow, and observe your own beans and squash.

  • Project Two – Designing Veggie Pots

Create your own one-of-a-kind pots and plants using colorful clay and markers.

  • Project Three – Recipe Cards

Harvest the plants that you grew in this crate to cook these healthy dishes.

  • Explore More Online

Discover more about Gardening with additional content, projects, books, apps, and more.

We have worked on Project Two, and as you can see it was fun.

The girls decided that when the plants from the Window Garden are big enough to transport to pots they would put them inside the pots they decorated!

Project One is Window Garden which we have not done yet and plan to today. I will update once we finish it and what the girls thought.

 *A product was provided.

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  1. omg this is so cool! i am glad they stepped up on their stuff! i had them before but cancelled because i did not think they were good enough for the price but these are great! love it!

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