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Kelty Speedster Swivel Wheel Jogging Stroller

Jogging strollers are perfectly designed for exactly what one would expect; jogging. And since most folks opt for jogging in a straight line, it would follow that jogging strollers are very good at going straight. But what to do when you find yourself in need of more maneuverability?

Kelty’s swivel wheel strollers have the solution. Giving active parents much needed versatility by allowing the front wheel to switch between locked and swivel mode, the single-seat Speedster Swivel-Deluxe and double-seat Speedster Swivel-Deuce convert from a traditional style jogger to a highly maneuverable stroller with the pull of a spring loaded pin, giving you one stroller perfect for both running and around town.

First off the packaging states not to use the stroller until your baby can sit on their own, (for jogging) and Shelby is just learning to sit on her own.

Putting the stroller together was super easy! All I had to do was attach the wheels and the sun shade! Takes only minutes to have it ready to go. We did have to put air in the tires as they came completely flat but that isn’t a big deal since we could sue our bike pump.

I couldn’t wait to get Shelby in it and first go for a walk before we even tried jogging in it.  Some of the first things I noticed was the bell. This allows for people to hear you as you come up to them to move out of your way.

The seat belt is a 5 point harness which is a must for any child when the parent is jogging.

The handle bar is adjustable which is great for short or tall parents.

The sun shade is large and lowers down pretty far. This keeps the baby/child out of the sun!

There is a large “sun roof”. You can see down at your child very easily. But it also closes to keep the sun light off your child as well.

It is very easy to lock the wheels from behind. Just push down and the wheels wont budge!

Nice large pockets in the back to tuck your water bottle, keys or cell phone. The elastic band is pretty tight so nothing can fall out easily with the constantly movement of jogging.

It also has a front locking wheel for jogging. But you can unlock the front wheel for walking or using the stroller for other functions.

Overall I was quite impressed with the jogging stroller. The blue is pretty and the stroller feels very secure. I like that the frame isn’t super wide and that Shelby is very protected in the seat.

You cna learn more about the stroller and check out all of Kelty’s products at

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  1. I have heard some great things about this stroller on blogs…AND they have that awesome dual one in the same design. I have been looking hard for a stroller for my daughter, since her son born so tiny is now sitting and ready to ROLL,…I mean STROLL! Appreciate all your great review points Mandy!

    So cool Kelty is branching out with new products like this!

  2. It looks like it is one of those dream strollers every mom wishes to have. The bell is kinda distinctive and precisely a great attribute, since most strollers don’t have one. I hope it doesn’t sound like an icecream bell. Haha! Ultimately, it’s a great stroller to have! Thanks for this substantial review! 🙂

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