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Just Like You

Children’s book Just Like You Launched October 1 to bring awareness to National Disability and National Anti-Bullying Month with 100 percent of the proceeds going to charity.

When values of acceptance and kindness are instilled early, children’s minds and worlds expand. That is the lesson of this extraordinary new children’s book – Just Like You an endearing tale about Henry, a deaf field mouse and his best friend Boris, a spider with a bad leg who are bullied. They live in The Piney Forest with the other animals who tease and taunt them because they don’t act, walk or talk like the others. After repeated attempts to fit in, a discouraged Boris and Henry are forced to stay by themselves. When fire threatens their forest homes, Boris and Henry rally to help their fellow critters and teach us about character and honor.

The spectacular images found in Just Like You were designed by first-time illustrator, Hannah E. Harrison. Hannah’s beautiful illustrations help children understand the message of the story and the added animated touches turn the characters into charming and loveable friends.

Teaching our children about acceptance and to not be mean to others needs to come straight from the parents. As parents we need to set an example of who we want our children to be. This book is adorable and a great addition to any household library!

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